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Confession of an expert on artificial intelligence
diesel cars, electric cars, environmentally friendly
Diesel vs. electric cars. Environmentally friendly?

The “www” founder wants change internet
In 1990, he launched the first web server and started the revolution. Thanks to it, the Internet
Google Play apps stolen Bank Details
Six other fake bank applications penetrated the Google Play Android app store. They robbed users of...
How Rockefeller Declared War on Natural
"How Big Oil Made The World" is the amazing contribution of investigative journalism by James Corbett, which...
Norway: Lack of charging stations
Norway is one of the few countries that has massive support for electric cars. The government has


Transportation Trends

diesel cars, electric cars, environmentally friendly
Electric cars are expanding mainly due to the eco-friendly operation. But a new study
Norway Electric cars Charging Stations, Chaos
Norway is one of the few countries that has massive support for electric cars.
automakers, transition to electric cars
Electric cars, after years of bombastic concepts and billion-dollar investments, are about to go
HyperloopTT, hyperloop, capsule, Musk
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has introduced its first capsule designed to transport...


Technology & Infrastructure

WWW Founder, Tim Berners-Lee, Internet
The “www” founder wants change internet again
Google Play app online banking
Google Play apps stolen Bank Details


Electricity from Coffee: a Way to
Prices of fossil fuels, as well as efforts to protect the planet's climate, lead scientists to research...
Georgia Banned the Import of Plastic
The Georgian government had plan to ban disposable plastic bags. So, from October 1, new regulations has
Far Future: What’s Waiting for Our
Based on current knowledge, scientists can figure out what will happen in the far future. We have
London’s Growing Underground Farm: Vegetables Without
To grow agricultural products, mostly sun and good soil are enough. London's Growing Underground Farm.

Editor's Picks

Nobel Prize Economics Nordhaus Paul Romer Climate Change
The Nobel Prize for Economics: Innovation and Climate Change
Green Economics Efficiency Working Hand in Hand with Environment
Green economics efficiency is based on the principle that resources are scarce. What this
fractal, compound interest, rich, money
Fractal is a geometric object that displays symmetry at various scales. If we magnify


Hot shot from Blockchains

Successful ICO Projects: the ARK Cryptocurrency
ARK's anonymous network integration provides users with optional privacy during the transaction through all the...

The world of Smart Cities


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Smart Energy

Chernobyl Solar power plant
Thirty years after the nuclear accident, the Ukrainian Chernobyl turned into a source of
Global Warming IPCC Climate Action Network
The objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 can now be achieved only
Wind power plants, global warming, wind turbines, Wind Energy
One of the ways to address climate change concerns is the use of renewable
renewable energy sources, solar energy
It takes more space to produce renewable energy than you think. New research by


Smart Education & Green Economics

Smart Cities Steps in The green direction
Smart Cities Steps in the “Green
The special value of the theory of C. Graves is that the highest levels of development
Why it is necessary to keep cities green and sustainable
Why It Is Necessary to Keep
Solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass, are the pillars of renewable energy that have a positive
What is Expression Sense of Green Economy
What is Expression Sense of Green
The theme "Green Economy" draws the attention of scientists, ecologists, and economists around the world


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