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When you hear of background music  systems, most probably you  think about their most common use – in shops, hotels or different office lobbies. But the beneficial effects of a good smart sound system can be also enjoyed at home. Music helps us relax, can enhance our mood and reduce tensions, as well as mask […]

Smart city – dream city What is a “smart city”? In fact, this is a universal integrated information support system that performs two main functions: provides key information to all levels of the city executive; provides feedback interfaces through which the executive may influence certain areas of urban life falling within its area of responsibility. […]

Given the present scenario of advancement and change, every individual is glued to the latest technological tools which are making people far more comfortable to in their lives if not a complete couch potato. With abrupt and sudden changes, the shift to more technology is helping to create more comfortable and care-free life style which […]

Smart door magnets are much more than just door locks. Magnetic door contacts are a very effective security device, especially if connected to your smart home hub and used in combination with other devices. Generally, door magnets, also called magnetic locks, electromagnetic locks or maglocks, are locking devices made of electromagnet that comes with an […]

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