After the fatal collision of the autonomous Uber with a pedestrian in the Phoenix suburb, interest moved back to California. There from the beginning of April you can submit request to allow full-autonomous cars. Waymo from Alphabet Holding has also registered a request.

California has long defended itself with fully-autonomous testing on public roads, but companies have begun to transfer their tests to other states of the Union – perhaps to Arizona – very quickly.

But then, there was the fatal accident that had a similar impact on the general public as a Facebook affair. People understand that even an autopilot may fail and no technology will ever be 100% perfect.

Many companies temporarily suspended public tests of fully-autonomous technologies, including Nvidia, which provided the onboard computer just for the unfortunate Uber. However, it should be noted that Nvidia on-board computers drives most of the at least partly autonomous cars because it is essentially the only commercial technology of its kind on the market. Nvidia processors can also be found under the hoods of Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, various robotic buses and other commercial vehicles.

The situation was finally exploited by Waymo, who claims to be the only company far away, which has not stopped the testing of fully-autonomous cars on public roads because it has no reason to do so. The fact remains that Google’s robotic vehicles and then Waym have not got into a really serious collision over the years. All ended with only lightly fended fenders.


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