Holthausen Group, a Dutch gas supplier, probably thinks that the Tesla Model S electric car owners are really missing the way to gas stations. And so one rebuilt the hydrogen propulsion.

That one day we will wait for something like this, we would not have even a few mistakes made a few years ago. But the world has, in recent years, really gone strangely distorted.

Making the Tesla Model S worse car is the challenge that the Holthausen Group has accepted. Her boss Stefan Holthausen recently reported that they had “succeeded” in replacing pure battery powered hydrogen fuel cells.

Thanks to the hydrogen drive, the now used Model S is supposed to handle up to 1,000 km per fill. Fuel cells have filled the designers with a free space in the body, so comfort and transport options remain.

Holthausen did not hesitate and named his car. “Hesla” will be available as a conversion package for € 50,000 (!!!). And supposedly already has a lot of people from the Netherlands and from abroad. That’s what we want to see! Would you make over € 50,000 for someone to destroy your car?

Source: http://www.hybrid.cz/nizozemska-spolecnost-prestavela-teslu-na-vodikovy-pohon

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