Developing technology has given boost to transportation as well. There is no doubt that long distances can now be covered in a few hours if not minutes. People reach their desired places right well on time that too without any hassle.

In the past, people used to employ animals like camels and horses to cover distances however their drawn out journeys used to sicken their animals along with themselves. At present, the scenario has completely changed as people depending on their financial status can easily get into a cab, taxi, train or airplane. Arduous journeys on animals have finally come to an end, and are replaced by vehicles that work with disease and petrol. One such great creation of technology industry is the availability of smart train.

Techy life calls for techy vehicles. In modern times like these, smart trains are truly creating a landmark with their exquisite features. The journey is no more simple and boring rather it offers you a lot of activities and facilities while you are travelling that too free of cost (adjusted in your tickets that too are nominal).

Smart trains embody sensory detectors whereby swiping your ticket, you easily get in your smart train. This facility eliminates the need for a ticket checker who used to walk from cabin A to Z in order to check your tickets. As a passenger you book your tickets online and get in that easily, this avoids any commute with any of the official unnecessarily.

The entrances of smart trains are equipped with metal detectors that keep the element of safety intact and help you prevent from any unforeseen and unlawful threatening activity in your journey.

Technology is helping in baggage detection for permitted weight, items and the like. It is also allowing you to keep track of your journey, various stations, hotels on stations, prices, schedule and much more by keeping smart train application in your smart mobile.

Automatization & Trends

Presently, many new techniques are being employed in order to give train an altogether modern feel where the passengers feel comfortable and at home. By installing automated door-locks in the cabin, privacy can be ensured. This allows you to carry on with your desired activities like book reading, watching movies, staying online, doing business meetings and so forth.

Vendor machines are the most common feature available in all smart trains helping passengers to help themselves and get the eatables and drinking stuff from their own choice. Moreover, coffee makers are also made handy.

All smart trains are equipped with the facility of free WIFI whereby you can keep in touch with your surroundings while also keeping the track of the schedule of your train. you can utilize smart train app even to know about the pilot of your train, its routes and register you feedback even regarding your experience.

Smart trains are centrally air conditioned/heated to keep you prevented from the severe blows of the outside temperature. Smart trains are markedly swift like bullet, with the advancing time the time to reach  a destination is reducing all the more faster, thus making it all and all enjoyable experience that too with such low and affordable rates.

Some actual problems

One of the major issues is that the abundance of smart vehicle has made choices all the more abundant. Each vehicle is surpassing the other however, what matters is the fact that these vehicles provide high quality services. Many times the smart train provider are after achieving a milestone that is consistent of outer appearance or façade, some other times they are only concerned about the digitalized areas hence forgetting about the real train efficacy.

Government should gear up to take serious steps regarding the upgradation of smart train services. It should ensure its efficient working whereby monitoring outdated devices, gadgets installed and replace them with the changing trends.

Critism & Controversies

Smart trains are no doubt make you feel like home. For longer journeys with an affordable price, you cannot opt for anything better and safer than a smart train. Smart trains are digitally equipped gives a homelike feel of comfort and pleasure.

This raises the issue of trains without having techno-driven facilities. Many critics believe that simple trains being an outdated version may be discarded or be modified according the demands of the present era. They suggest that implementation of such an idea the sooner is better tin order to resurrect simple trains to life.

On the other hands, an old-school thought suggest that trains without digital means and mediums should continue to provide its services to those who are done with their mechanical lives at home, offices and other transportations. Adding, they say that manual doors, windows, live scènenary outside, attendants at service give you a feel of life and you do not feel trapped from all four sides in techy walls of luxury and comfort.

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