The Russian Kalashnikov Armory, a world-renowned assault rifle around the world, is developing technology for its own electric retro car. In the future, it should become a competitor of the American Tesla, which specializes in the production of electric cars. Referring to the announcement of the Russian company, the media reported it in August.

The company introduced The CV-1 electric car system at the Armija-2018 International Forum near Moscow. It will be incorporated into the IŽ-21252 Kombi retro car body. The electric car will be up to 220 kilowatts and a range of up to 350 kilometers, the TASS said. Above all, the acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour should take the car in six seconds.

“We want to become a competitor for Tesla, as it is currently a successful project in the field of electric vehicles, so we want to at least cope with it,” RKB told Sofia’s representative Sofija Ivanov.

According to its statement, the Group has finally developed a number of its own complex systems. These include, for example, on-board controls to enable the driver to monitor the state of the engine or the car’s voltage and car battery.


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