German automaker Audi will launch its first e-tron electric car at the end of this year. The prototype of the sporty electric Audi SUV car factory was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show.

Until the series production, Audi wants to test 250 masked prototypes under extreme conditions to determine their behavior at different temperatures, urban traffic, under full sporting burdens, and various charging methods.

All-wheel electric car audio is to be produced in Brussels. The electric Audi car can be recharged at fast-charging stations with a charging capacity of up to 150 kW, recharged in 30 minutes.

“Audi sets its first pure electric drive model an important milestone for the future of the company. Before 2025, we will launch more than 20 electric vehicles and hybrid cars with the possibility of external charging across all segments and all automotive concepts, “said Audi chief Rupert Stadler at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

Presenting the results of last year’s production this week, Stadler revealed that next year after the introduction of the SUV e-tron will come another electric audition called Sportback. This should be a sporty SUV coupe.

In 2020, the e-tron GT sports car will be produced by the carmaker in Germany. However, the choice of electric models should be four-figure, three larger electric cars would have to add a smaller model corresponding to the Audi A3 format. “We are not afraid of competitors, nor of Tesla,” said Stadler.


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