Israeli company Eviation Aircraft introduced an electro-plane Alice at last year’s Paris Aerospace. However, this year, they have to sign a contract with a battery supplier. These batteries are not just that common.

The battery will be supplied by South Korean manufacturer Kokam. Electric planes will use 900 kWh batteries with an energy density of 260 Wh/kg. As a result, the airplane will fly with nine passengers and two crew members within a distance of up to 1050 kilometers. A total of three electric motors will be on board. Each of them boasts a power output of 260 KW. The machine is not left behind in terms of cruising speed, which is 444 kilometers per hour.

The goal of the Aviation company is to control and change regional transport. Fully electric transport would mean financial savings and greater ecology. The airplanes would be quieter and more emissive. Alice deployment is expected to be the busiest intercity routes San Diego-Silicon Valley or the Seoul-Beijing.

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