Everyone is sure to recall the Back to the Future trilogy, where Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd played the lead role. No less important role was played by the famous DeLorean car. He has become a popular car thanks to the film and is now one of the jewels. And just Texas DMC wants to come back with news.

Just as he could fly in the DeLorean movie trilogy, he should have a new model. Paul DeLorean, CEO and chief designer of the company, announced that DeLorean Aerospace is working on a new two-seat VTOL vehicle, otherwise also called Vertical Take-Off and Landing, which should be designed for passenger transport. The new DR-7 is not just a car, it should also be capable of autonomous flying.

At present, work is under way on the development of a pilot prototype that transports two people and is designed to use only electrical power. Thanks to the new technologies, it should be able to offset a distance of up to 193 kilometers, which is not a short distance due to electric cars and current technologies. Nowadays, similarly developed cars will run on a single charge up to 40 to 80 kilometers.

DeLorean DR-7 should be equipped with two pairs of wings, including smaller ailerons, which will be hidden under the rear pair. The length of the car is estimated at six meters and the wingspan, which can be folded down if necessary, will be 5.6 meters. Take-off and drive will be provided by two rotary fans.

Does the American company make the success of DeLorean in the time of greatest glory? Let’s see, the plans are not small.

Source: https://21stoleti.cz/2017/08/17/delorean-vyviji-letajici-automobil/

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