The Swedish start-up introduced a minicar named Uniti One. Siemens is involved in an electric car made from recycled materials. Another partner E.on will deliver special charging rates. But it all started as a student project that gathered 1.2 million euros (30.5 million) of community funding.

Serial production is to begin in 2019 in a newly built factory in Landskrona in the south of Sweden. On the Internet, the car can be booked on the basis of a refundable deposit of EUR 149, the price list is one hundred times larger. According to the head of the Union, Lewis Horne has already collected over two thousand orders.

This electric car is made from recycled composite materials has a lifetime of three quarters of less CO2 compared to a classic car.

The creators of Uniti One have developed a special modular platform to build different types of cars, ranging from two-seater to five-seater. The first model has two seats in a row and weighs just 450 kilograms. This is a hidden beacon: thanks to this, the car could be considered as a quad.

The control of the car is fully digital, the pilot controls it with a wheel that replaces the steering wheel and is not mechanically linked to wheels – such a by-wire legislation does not yet allow cars. There is only a giant display on the instrument, through which all the functions of the vehicle are controlled. The driver still has important traffic information in sight thanks to a transparent head-up display. The creators also talk about the elements of autonomous management.

“We have drawn it from the ground. This has enabled us to integrate technologies that are incompatible with today’s cars, “explains Michael Bano, Uniti’s Autonomous Systems Specialist.

From zero in the 80th, Uniti One will start in three and a half seconds, the maximum is 130 km/h. The promised range is 300 kilometers. For 200 km of driving, the 22kWh accumulator is charged in half an hour. Full load can be used by the fast charger in three hours. The electric approach device is equipped for wireless (inductive) charging. An interesting feature is an extra-life battery that can be removed and charged at home within a 30-kilometer distance. Swedish E.On will offer a free car charging for five years. Europe is set to be the next market that the Uniti intends to target, India, an electric car there wants an ambitious Swedish start-up to offer in 2020.


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