According to a survey by Vodafone IoT Barometer 2019, it is already used by a third of companies around the world and will grow in the future.

Internet of Things

This groundbreaking technology connects machines, devices, and objects. IoT makes individual devices intelligent. They can communicate with the environment and can be controlled or controlled in real-time via a computer. Water companies can, for example, place sensors directly in the water pipeline and use them to learn immediately about any water leaks. Thanks to this technology, logistics companies can have an accurate overview of their trucks. Both their current location and whether the cargo was not damaged during the journey. Three-quarters of the companies surveyed at IoT Barometer say that those who do not use the Internet of Things in their industry are already five years behind the competition.

Smart buildings control

Expenditure on the operation of a building or production plant is usually a considerable amount for companies. Thanks to modern technology, however, companies can reduce these costs by tens of percent. And through energy management. He cannot do without the Internet of Things. It works on the principle of constant monitoring of the building. Sensors help to collect data on the current temperature in each room, on the current consumption of electricity, water, but also on the air quality. The key to savings is the building control center, which continually checks, evaluates, and then tries to adjust the building to be as efficient as possible. For example, monitoring systems can continuously check whether there is enough daylight in individual parts of an object. Only when natural light falls below a certain level does the control center illuminate the artificial lighting. For example, a smart building can recognize that someone has forgotten to turn off in one of the rooms when they leave for work and fix it. It can also regulate the temperature in individual parts of a building. In production plants, energy management can, in real-time, recognize and warn if any of the devices are consuming more energy than average.

Cloud and big data

According to experts, the cloud market will reach $ 411 billion next year. For businesses, this technology, based on remote access to programs and services over the Internet, is becoming increasingly attractive. Cloud solutions help businesses reduce IT infrastructure and IT costs by around a third. Medium-sized and large companies can save hundreds of thousands to millions of crowns. The cloud is becoming increasingly important to businesses as more data is being used. They collect much information about their customers, analyze them, and adjust their business accordingly. For example, L’Oréal analyzes not only its sales but also the full range of social data to exchange rate fluctuations. It then examines the massive data sets and tries to deduce how potential customers in different parts of the world will behave. Some fashion brands even try to explain the behavior of their customers in e-shops and create a so-called personalized offer for them. In practice, this means that they offer the client such goods that he/she might like.

Robots who do boring work

Production automation is today one of the most important trends in the industry. More and more companies are buying robots to do the most simple manual work. However, there are companies where robots handle almost the entire production process. Škoda Auto is one of the highly automated companies in the Czech Republic. Today, its cars are mainly made by robots. They usually work faster and more efficiently than humans. And they don’t make many mistakes. Thanks to them, companies can cancel some positions and save on wage costs in the future. Or to employ workers in positions with higher added value.

Artificial Intelligence

Robots are not only used in manufacturing plants. They are also demanded in companies whose business takes place in office space. More and more of them have recently invested in so-called chatbots. They replace traditional customer support. Instead of having to have dozens of people sitting at their computers and helping customers solve their problems, they have a chatbot that they can chat with the customer. When the customer’s requirements are beyond his capabilities, he connects him to the operator. Thanks to chatbots, however, the company may not have so many of them, and instead, they can employ, for example, more people who need to grow in companies from year to year.

Digital twin

In an increasing number of industrial enterprises, the notion of a virtual twin is heard. It is a digital model of the product being developed, on which the company tests its new features. In this case, testing and stress tests take place in virtual reality. An example of the practice is the development of a luxury Maserati Ghibli. In addition to his prototype, the famous Italian automaker also built its digital twin. It was assisted by the German technology group Siemens. It was the computer model of the car that helped the automaker significantly shorten the development of the vehicle. “Moreover, we didn’t have to build enough expensive prototypes,” said Maserati manager Gian Luca Antinori. Companies do not have to use digital twins for individual products, but also, for example, when they are building a new production line. Thanks to this technology, which simulates its future operation, they can detect potential shortcomings or risk factors. In the future, more and more companies are expected to use the digital twin option. The global market for this technology reached some $ 2 billion last year. And, according to Markets and Markets analyst, this sum should rise to $ 15.6 billion by mid-decade. According to another IDC survey, companies already working with digital twins have accelerated the development of their products by 30 percent.

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