Smart door magnets are much more than just door locks. Magnetic door contacts are a very effective security device, especially if connected to your smart home hub and used in combination with other devices.

Generally, door magnets, also called magnetic locks, electromagnetic locks or maglocks, are locking devices made of electromagnet that comes with an armature plate. It works very simple, the electromagnet is placed on the door frame and the armature plate on the door. Electric current that passes through the electromagnet attracts the armature plate and holds the door closed. The magnetic sensor reacts to the closed position by automatically locking the door and keeping the interior protected.

Smart door magnets can let you know any time when the doors or windows in your house are opened or closed. Depending on your preferences, you will get a text message on your phone, an email or an alert on your computer or tablet or even a phone call. You can program other devices to work with the door magnets and response any way you want to an unauthorised or unexpected opening or closing of doors and windows. The alert is triggered even if there is some pushing of the door or window, which might mean someone is trying to force the locks. The alarm option does not only scare off intruders, but also allows you to react and prevent damage in case of strong winds opening windows or your children playing where they shouldn’t. Smart magnet door locks can trigger other devices to react and alert you if you are away, but also alert people in and around the house when the unusual activity occurs.

A very interesting and convenient option offered by most manufacturers is the nightlock mode. This feature can be enabled from the inside and it can disable the option of unlocking the door or window from the outside, even with valid code, PIN or key. It might also trigger an alarm whenever an attempt to enter from outside occurs.

There are also many other possibilities to use your smart door magnetic locks in everyday life. They might send you an alert to your phone when your children come home from school, so you know they are back safe and sound and on time. You can set the magnets to trigger lights, so that when you open your door (or your garage door, for example) at night, the lights go up and you don’t need to make your way to the switch in the dark. Other than that, you can always monitor if your family or the babysitter locked the doors and gates when they were leaving the house.

Door magnets are usually very easy to install, as they are no interconnecting parts and the connection to you smart home hub is usually wireless. They work only when connected to electricity, so in case of a failure or need to readjust it is quick and easy to do, as it only requires to cut off the power. It is also important should there be a fire or gas leakage, in these cases it is important to have your locks open quickly and freely. However, this can also be seen as a disadvantage, as the locks might be unlocked by intruders in exactly the same way – by cutting off electricity. That is why many of the smart locks come with an additional battery in order to prevent the magnets to unlock doors or windows in case the power source is disrupted.

All of the top smart technology producers offer wireless magnet door locks (or electric door locks with additional magnet sensors, which might also be an interesting option). The features are quite similar, but it is also worth to take a closer look at the specifications to get the best fit for your needs. One of the main feature that actually might make a difference in magnet door locks is how the lock is released. Producers offer various ways, which often can be combined. These include a stand-alone lock, key, digits combination or fingerprint, proximity readers, digital keypads or even biometric readers (using fingerprints). You can choose the most convenient mode for you and your household members. So if you tend to loose keys often or are not that good with memorising numbers, you don’t need to worry. As all smart technologies, these devices are produced to make our lives easier and not more complicated!

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