The Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchanger, one of the largest in the world, has unexpectedly announced the support of another cryptocurrency – Ethereum Classic. It will then be the fifth digital currency the company will offer for trading. The cryptocurreny will be available both within Coinbase and the new Coinbase Pro Exchange, which will replace the current GDAX Exchange this month.

The company also adds that implementation will not take place immediately but within a few months, as the integration process is at an early stage. Additionally, the company would like to avoid problems that have occurred with the integration of the Bitcoin Cash, where the ignorant users have mistaken the new currency for the classic bitcoin and drove the price up. As soon as it was introduced, the exchange had to interrupt its trading for a certain period of time. Yet even this announcement had a positive effect on cryptocurrency. Although the market has fallen in recent days, Ethereum Classic has grown by more than 20% after tweeting Coinbase.

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency that originated in July 2015 as a result of the hard-fork of the original Ethereum, which was split into Ethereum (ETH) that we know today and Ethereum Classic (ETC). Cryptocurrency uses the original blockchain, which in the year underwent the giant theft of 3.6 million Ethereum coins. However, the development of Ethereum Classic continues, but it is already independent of today’s Ethereum.


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