When cryptocurrencies are mentioned, people usually mean Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, there are many other digital currencies that most people do not know because they do not receive enough media attention. One of them is Stratis, which grew to the 9th most significant currency at the end of May, currently ranked 10th.

Stratis runs the Blockchain platform as a service (BaaS), which is similar to the SaaS platform, but is specially designed to offer services on a block line. The platform is similar to the Ethereum Platform, but instead of focusing primarily on ICO and Smart Contracts, the company has a number of features that cover potential needs in the block space that is used to provide services to other companies.

“Our enterprise-grade nStratis development platform is a simple and cost-effective end-to-end solution for native C # a.Net blockchain solutions: tailored to your specific needs, at a very competitive price. Bitcoin security and stability, with the latest breakthrough rates, scalability and network customization, “Stratis writes on its website.

BaaS allows Stratis to create a blockchain in a fast way. When a company establishes a blockchain line on Stratis, it is called a side chain. This client company setting works as a branch of another blockchain group, which simplifies the process for the client company.

Just like Ethereum, Stratis has its own cryptocurrency Strat, which drives the platform. Stratis traded for $7.58 on June 25, according to CoinMarketCap statistics. According to INC.com, Stratis relies heavily on the ICO market with speculators who expect Stratis’ long-term commitment.

It is used to pay transaction fees and as a tool for transferring value among Stratis market participants. $ STRAT is a digital cryptocurrency token that is freely traded on open exchanges. Blockchain Stratis is based on the Bitcoin Consensus algorithm, which is one of the most reliable and safest cryptographic symbols today, wrote Stratis.

According to INC, Stratis solves problems that Ethereum has not yet solved – especially because of network problems. Stratis implemented side strings on his technologies to avoid such problems.

Stratis has prepared longer-term plans to make the platform stable, robust and scalable. Speculators have already found that Stratis’ potential due to its scalable potential and solid technology could make it another big blockchain platform.

Source: https://arbolet.net/clanek/1761-stratis-nabizi-blockchain-jako-sluzbu-svym-uzivatelum

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