Scientists from the English University of Cambridge have managed to find an artificial intelligence solution that can detect violence or violent behaviors among humans. For demonstrations, for example, it could be an effective protection element. The advantage is that the system can be mounted on a flying unmanned device.

This eliminates the need to watch the crowd with using human factor. Artificial intelligence can easily detect when there are riots in various demonstrations or in the crowd, and where there are no fixed cameras to monitor these situations. Dron, or artificial intelligence, can analyze the layout of the human body in the image, as well as the combination of two or more people who behave violently. It recognizes, for example, kicking, shooting, stinging, throttling or fist fighting. These types of violence determine with an accuracy of 94 percent. The problem is so much more people in the shot. If the dron that this system has available is monitored by up to ten people, the accuracy of the determination of violent behavior drops to 79 percent. However, the aim is also to ensure that the exactness of the determination is as high as possible in such situations.

And on what principle does it work? Dron monitors the situation, however, policemen and operators may not monitor the situation at the same moment. In case of riots, they get an automatic alert while the main culprit is displayed. Security components will receive quick and clear information. DSS, or Drone Surveillance System, is a great promise for the future. It is expected that the first sharp engagement will take place at festivals in India.


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