The 21st century time is absolutely the best time to be alive. Technology has shaped everything and life have become very smooth. For those who were born around 50 years ago cannot believe how things they thought to be dreams are becoming realities. The dreams of having smart cities where technology and automation are the order of the day are now becoming a reality. The various government has started these projects of ensuring most of the services rendered in the smart cities are eased up through the use of technology. The transport sector in the smart cities has been modernized, and we have seen the development of solar cars, and as time flies we now have self-driven cars. Amazing right! But that’s the kind of the world we are living in. Others projects that have been developed by the smart city ideas is the business sectors and the healthcare sector.

With such a milestone development, the only worry has been about the security of the smart city ideas as a whole. Smart city ideas cannot be implemented and remain maintained without proper security. The dimension of security varies from the security of the tangible projects and the security of the computerized and automated systems from a new breed of crime known as cyber-crime. The smart city technology has been facing such security challenges as mentioned above. The cyber- crimes, in particular, are security problems that are faced by companies, governments, media outlets and the businesses in the smart cities.

Common technologies in smart city security

The technologies that have been enhanced to tackle the security issues have brought relieve in this sector that was almost being consumed with the security threats. As a way of counteracting these challenges, the flourished and advanced internet of things has brought up some of the solutions in these sectors. The world class infrastructures in the smart cities can now use the latest information and communication technology to set up barriers and systems that can secure the businesses both from external and internal harm.

Among the common technologies being used in securing the various sections in the smart city technology include the use of the smart phone technology. The mobile app developers have made use of these available technologies in coming up with more efficient systems that can be used by the residents of the smart cities to keep them secure. The mobile app developers have developed various mobile applications that can be used to pass sensitive information and security concerns from the people living in the cities to the administration. The applications can also be used in giving the citizens crucial information about their security. The buildings in the smart cities can also use the embedded sensors that are woven into the buildings’ fabric infrastructure to detect any breakage or intrusion by force. The buildings and different areas in the smart cities such as train stations and bus stops can be mounted with CCTV cameras that can help in monitoring the movements of the crowds. For the security of the data in the cities, the residents and the administration can now use modern cyber security models that future proofs to the networks and stronger firewalls.

How smart city security impacts citizens

Positive impact

The citizens in the smart city are happy of being in safer environments free from the crimes such as burglary and robbery with violence since the modern security systems such as embedded sensors can detect security loop holes, and they can be rectified as soon as they are identified. As a result of these the security of the smart city has been improved and the lifestyle of the people has been greatly promoted. Data is now well preserved as there are risk assessment tools and procedures that ensure they are safe.

Negative impact

The main challenge the citizens in smart cities face from the smart city security is the higher prices that are incurred or needed to make these cities safe. As much as security is a right of every citizen, it has to come with a cost. The citizens whom the majority are middle class face challenges in improving their security systems to match with the modern technology. The systems are also complex to be comprehended by the common citizens. As such, most of them see new technology as a waste of money and resources. They also feel marginalized by the technology users. This results in unequal development in the smart cities.

Applications of smart city security

The smart city security can be applied by close to all the projects in the smart city. The homes and residential places of all people in the smart city locations need to be secure from cyber criminals and the other criminals such as robbers. The smart city security systems can be applied in business areas to monitor the products and offer surveillance. Offices cannot be left behind as well as banks and hospitals. Securing these sectors will help in the development of the smart cities.

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