This involves improvement of the mean of transport and communication so as to come up with a smart city. It is important for policy makers to come up with strategies that will provide a continuous development of operations in the country through implementation of technology in infrastructure. Technology and innovation make it possible to come up an effective infrastructure that will assist to achieve the set long term of the nation. Infrastructure has a direct impact on social and economic progress as they are facilities essential in coming up with production. Technology makes it possible to come up with resources that will facilitate the social and economic progress of a nation.


There have been continuous improvements of the road facilities in a nation for a sustainable development of the economy. The main development is an increase in the number of tarmac road and improvement if design to accommodate more roads at a small region, especially in cities. The design implemented when coming up with a road is focused on ensuring that there is reduced congestion in the nation. Smart cities have implemented solar lighting that aims at increasing the number of people who are willing to work at night. Use of eco-friendly energy when coming up with roads improves the utilization of resources in the country. Improvement in the road network makes it possible to handle different issues facing the community through effective transport. Rail and air transport have also greatly evolved based on the use of advanced technology for the achievement of a smart city concept in a nation.


The personal means of transport has greatly evolved where there has been an implementation of innovative measures and techniques to meet the needs of various people in the nation. The smartness of a car is based on shape and comfort of the vehicle. Therefore the manufacturers are aimed at ensuring that they have differentiated their cars to make them widely accepted in different market segments globally. The engine used by a car is required to be highly effective to increase the number of miles covered by a car per gallon. Smart cars are usually small and fuel effective thus satisfying the needs of various targeted consumers. The security of the car is highly improved due to the high integration of technology to the car. The driver is able to integrate the car with GPS to identify the location of the car which is essential for companies with a large fleet of vehicles.


The public transport is required to use the latest technology and innovation for the buses to be widely accepted by people. When smart buses are used in a particular region there is a reduction in congestion as people are willing to use the buses instead of personal cars which positively impact the progress of the city. The buses have integrated the technology to offer quality services to their consumers. This is mainly through the integration of Wi-Fi in buses to ensure that the passengers are able to stay connected when traveling. The internet connection in buses has greatly improved the performance of the infrastructure due to an increase in the number of passengers using the buses. An electric train has been introduced to improve the conservation of the environment. This is mainly due to the use of clean energy reducing the number of carbon dioxide emitted to the environment. The electric buses are properly designed to meet the needs of all passengers regardless of age, gender and cultural background.


The development of electric trains has greatly impacted the infrastructure of a nation due to the reduced of pollution to the environment.  Several governments have come up with policies to improve the train transport by increasing its effectiveness to make it widely accepted to the people. Electric trains are properly designed and have impacted the nation in a positive manner due to their effectiveness and fast transport for the passengers. The emission of carbon dioxide for an electric train is less than that of diesel trains making it eco-friendly. This property makes the electric train transport faster and energy efficient mode of transport for the achievement of long term macroeconomic goals of a nation. Smart trains are easily accessible and with high security due to the CCTV installations making the passengers have a good experience using the trains.


The features are aimed at handling the air transport traffic and ensuring that there is improved security for the passengers. The air transport requires proper scrutiny to ensure that it attains its smart form through customer satisfaction. The management is required to develop properly designed planes that will meet differentiated needs of the passengers. Features in a plane require improving the comfort of the passengers. The systems used in the plane need to effective for a smooth flow of operations in the airport.

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