The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the globe. This has been attributed to the ever increasing number of visitors in new places for activities such as tourism and even work meetings mostly referred to as conferences. The number of hotels built to accommodate these visitors has drastically increased.
All the various visitors look for is pure elegance. The visitors feel every sense of their lives coming alive when they get excellent services from the hotel’s management. The sight of clean and sparkling glassware when being served alone can call for a revisit in the hotel or an extended stay. The retailers in this industries have been put up to task on bringing on board best of quality equipment in the hospitality industry. The hotel’s management needs a selection of hospitality supplies that have been carefully chosen to fulfill and complement every need of their customers. These supplies are not only sold to hoteliers but also sold to various homes. Customers are currently looking for the best services offered by the retailers, and when they get one, they will make all their purchases from the respective shop.

The suppliers in these industries have worked very hard to make sure technology is incorporated in their stores so that they can stand out as the best among all their competitors. The shops have to, therefore, work with various IT companies to get remedies on how they can reach many clients in a single time.
With a partnership with Google and Microsoft, the shops have been able to get customized smart phone applications for their businesses. In the 21st century, the coming of smartphones brought a major boost in the information technology field and the business sector at large. The businesses such as Plush hospitality; and many others have managed to get their mobile applications where they can comfortably be installed by clients from Google play store for android users and Microsoft store for the Windows phones users. With this applications, customers can comfortably see what is available in the stores and what is being sold on offers. The business owners can also advertise their various products that are on offer through personalized messages sent to the smartphones through that mobile apps.

Automatization trend in Hospitality Industry

For the shop owners to remain at the top of the table regarding best services, all their operations in the shops and outside have to be automated. Gone are the days when the advertisements were done through issuing cards to everyone on the street. Currently, the business owners have the obligation of maintaining a clean environment. They also have to ensure their means advertisements have been automatized. The clients would love to see better ways of advertising that offer a clear message to them. The use of LED displays outside the shops is one of the trending systems of automatization ( The clients can see the various offers that are offered in the shops from a distance away on the other sides of the streets. The messages and pictures of the various products being sold are conveyed clearly. This can indeed attract many customers to these shops.
While in the stores, there can be a serious confusion of where to find some of these products. The products vary from their brands, and they are very different types. To curb these confusions, there are various stores that are trying using of robots to help people find the different shelves where products are stored in the shortest time possible. This is easy since the clients can type the kind of hospitality equipment that they would love to purchase and the robots would take them to the actual shelves where they are located . Through this type of technology, customers won’t be worried about where they can get the type of the products that they would want to buy.

Some actual problems

In the various cities in the world, there are various problems that are associated with these shops. The first and most disturbing one is the level of unemployment that is left increasing daily because of the automatisation of the services. The machine has taken over human roles from the retail shops to the actual hotels where the products are being sold for. The only remedy the community can do is getting more education on technology so that they can get the related jobs such as working in the factories or operating some of the automated machines in the businesses.

Criticism and controversies

The problem faced when shopping in this shops is the complexities of the automatized machines. A normal and an averagely educated person cannot handle such machines. The developers and engineers ought to come up with machines that are easy to use and comprehend information and offer the remedies in time to avoid more time wastage. The machines such as robots should be installed with a wider touchpad that doesn’t have a lot of features on it. All the clients can do is just follow the clear guidelines offered by them.

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