A luxury electric car from an American manufacturer’s workshop will serve at the police in Luxembourg. So far, it is a test of whether Tesla Model S gives meaning to police units.

Not only carmakers but also governments have been making more and more aware of their environmental concerns and how they want to reduce the environmental burden in recent years. Most recently, this is evidenced by Luxembourg, whose Tesla Model S electric car will start operating again. This is also being tested by the Los Angeles police.

The purchase of Tesla by the Luxembourg police has been speculated for a long time now, and the ordering of the car from official sites has now been confirmed, according to RTL television. The police service will target two Tesla Model S specimens that will begin serving in September when they will be officially presented. Until then, they will be painted in police color and armed with the appropriate equipment.

For each of the cars, the police pay approximately 100,000 crowns, which is equivalent to USD 135,000. It would be a good fit for the BMW M550i xDrive, which would be a very decent service car for the highway police …

Buying two Tesla Model S copies is part of the effort of the Luxembourg government to reduce its environmental burden. Based on a government resolution, a tenth of this year’s newly purchased state-owned vehicle fleet should have an electric or hybrid drive. And the police were allegedly chosen for having a car to service.

Originally, purchased cars are primarily intended for testing. Police want to find out in the next two years whether an electric car in its services really makes sense. In the test, operational costs, charging times and real-time capabilities will be determined.

An important part of the tests will also be the measurement of racing under real conditions. Police also want to use Tesla on motorways where electric cars are still limited due to their raids. On the other hand, Luxembourg is a small country, it is only 82 kilometers long and 57 kilometers wide, which would make it possible for police Tesla to finish the race. Model S can handle the strongest version over 500 kilometers.

We are very excited about how Tesla Model will catch up with the Luxembourg police. Electromobiles in police services are no longer as unusual as they were a couple of years ago, but they are also being tested by Czech policemen, on the other hand the planned service of the Luxembourg Tesel will be different from the other tried electricians. While in other police forces electric vehicles are actually only in cities or parks, in Luxembourg it is supposed to be a full-fledged police vehicle for various tasks. How do you give her a chance to succeed in these tasks?

Source: http: //www.auto.cz/tesla-model-s-policejni-sluzba-zvladne-elektromobil-sve-ukoly-109270

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