The first robotic policeman in the world entered service in Dubai at the end of May. But you do not have to worry about the sympathetic tab with the badge and the police cap. He’s a damn way to the Terminator. He does not wear any weapon and he likes to be doing a selfie with the tourists. How should this android help protect law and order?

Dubai police officers have been able to drive luxury Lamborghini or Ferrari cars for a few years. Perhaps it was not enough for them because now they welcomed the first robotic policeman.

The PAL Robotics company based in Barcelona has been providing new support to Dubai’s police team. His humanoid robot REEM promotes himself as an ideal receptionist who can speak many languages ​​and provide dynamic information to visitors. Therefore, it seems a bit quaint that this model is supposed to fight crime in the streets of Dubai.

He does not help in the arrest, but his eyes are watching

Robocop, as his colleagues in the police team nicknamed him, is able to scan the marks passing through the cars and the faces of the passers-by to track down the database of search for criminals. There are two cameras in his eyes that carry live broadcasts from Robot’s surroundings to the police station. Artificial intelligence may have to reveal suspicious abandoned luggage in a busy location and give echo to living gendarmes.

With a touch screen on the chest of a robotic policeman, citizens can pay fines, search for information, or report a crime. When the situation requires a quick hit, just push the SOS button, which instantly connects people in need with a flesh and bone policeman.

Catching criminals on robocop flight does not make it. He is on the wheels, but moves at a speed of 5 km per hour, so he might be able to fool the criminally crouched crutches.

Robocop can read emotions and speak multiple languages

The police want to deploy it in areas that are hiking tourists to help guide flip-flop visitors and answer their questions. The first robot had served a police robot in the mall, where he spent most of his time photographing enthusiastic passers-by for himself.

The robotic policeman is able to communicate in English and Arabic, but soon he should also “learn” Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian. In addition, within 2 meters, human emotions can be distinguished. He reads gestures and body language. If he evaluates man as disturbed, he will try to calm him down.

Robocop’s “talent” for languages ​​and continuous monitoring of the environment will be useful when organizing the World Expo 2020, which will take place in the desert metropolis.

Until 2030, Dubai is planning a police station without a human crew

Dubai City Hall does not want to become a vibrant lab for smart technology in cities. If Robocop seizes in the service, the local police intend to “employ” a quarter of robots in their ranks by 2030. They also have the idea of ​​launching the first police station with only robotic officers in the same year.

„These robots can work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are not at risk of going on holiday or taking sick leave. They will still be available.“ said Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, Brigadier General of the Dubai Police Responsible for Robot Development

Al Razouqi, a police officer, is pleased with the robot’s robustness, but has forgotten to add that it is not a perpetum mobile. The REEM model hides a battery in its pedestal that lets the robot “inhale” life for 8 hours.

To make matters worse, the Dubai police are eager to enrich their rows in the future with a self-propelled car capable of imposing fines for a quick and dangerous ride, or to buy 3-meter robots driven by living police officers in their cabin. No criminals would flee them because they have a speed of up to 80 km/h.


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