While smart glasses Google Glass did not become a blockbuster, they seem to find their use. One of them came from Stanford University scientists who tested their use in children with autistic spectrum disorders. They will help with recognizing emotions and establishing eye contact.

Autism spectrum disorders are a set of neurological disorders, sometimes known under the generic name of autism. Typical manifestations include problems in establishing relationships and interpersonal communication or a weaker ability to adapt to change. People with this type of malfunctions have a problem, for example, to identify human emotions, but they can only complicately determine how someone is in the mood.

They also often follow the exact order. Examples of these failures include the character of Sheldon’s American Big Bang Theory series, or Raymond’s Rain Man from Rain Man. It is worth mentioning, however, that the high intellect with the disorder is not necessarily related, although both of these characters are portrayed as very clever.

Eye contact

And how exactly do scientists and glasses help children? Stanford researchers have developed an application that uses the camera on glasses and analyzes the people they talk to. From their faces, the algorithm tries to determine what emotion they are expressing and telling them through a speaker or screen on their glasses to their wearer. First of all, it helps children learn to recognize emotions, but it also supports eye contact.

According to the mother of nine-year-old Alex, who is in the pilot program, a face-to-play emotion game has come to him from his face, and now he is not afraid to look into the eyes of other people as well. This is despite the fact that the application is just determining basic emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, surprise, exasperation or disgust.

Glasses, named as Superschopes Glasses, could at least partially replace the work of psychologists. They have been trained in personal consultations so far with recognizing children, and the capacity in the United States is far from sufficient.

Families are waiting for up to 18 months to get to such an expert. Glasses would probably be used by clients in the home environment and in the future also in public. Success has a new form of training for children themselves. One of them had the feeling of wearing glasses for “reading thoughts”.

Source: https://www.irozhlas.cz/veda-technologie/technologie/google-glas-superpowe-autismus_1808060830_dbr

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