A prominent Swiss climatologist and expert in his field, Retto Knutti, for unknown reasons, launched a report about weather changes that shocked the world. The Internet spreads like lightning and embarrassment, and the fear it leaves in people is more than unpleasant.

Climate scientists with Knutti at the forefront have been working on research into climate models to help them predict natural disasters and incoming elements. All findings were processed and sent to all countries and governments. But they did not disclose them for an unknown reason, but on the contrary they concealed them.

The climatologist did not like the fact that governments in this way deceived people and concealed the facts they had the right to know about. That’s why Knutti decided to publish at least partial results about what will happen to our planet in the coming years.

Abnormal weather changes

The fact that the weather is doing what it want and many people remain meteosensitive and do not handle sudden changes in heat and cold, these facts are generally known. But few know what’s behind all of this. According to Knutti’s research team, the probability of predictions is almost 100%. Over the past year, their predictions went up to 80%!

What are we waiting for?

Governments have refused to release reports from climatologists because of mass panic. In the coming years, the world will suffer one climate disaster after another. Tsunami, tornadoes, hailstorms, torrential rain in the spring, snow in the summer, but also earthquakes and strong storms. All of this may affect those countries and countries where the weather has not so far outweighed. According to climatologists it is crazy and we can only think of our people. If we behaved better in nature and weighed it more, nothing would change and the world would work at least in such a peaceful mode.

According to Knutti’s team, we can enjoy a very quiet time for a maximum of three years. Then it all comes and strikes in full force. The expert strongly denies that conspiracy theories and warns that if people are indifferent to these facts, they can also make up for their own lives.

If you’re just asking, of which all, the answer is simple: uncontrolled consumption of natural resources, massive environmental pollution, exhaust fumes and electro-mog, ugly treatment of animals and many other things that are also in our daily lives.

Buying new cars, career growth, building factories, industrial parks. Instead of security about us and our families, we are scrambling for material goods, we want to live in an industrialized society, and it is just that we are in trouble. If there’s a way back, climatologists can not say. They only agree that there are too many people in the world to mobilize and act. There will always be a large majority of those who have a good life and do not want to change it simply because someone else’s country may be affected by the earthquake.

If you think that these facts are just unnecessary to create fear and spread panic, remember the recent earthquakes in Italy. In a country where such phenomena are so exceptional, it can be said that they are unprecedented. How long will it take for this to happen to us?

Source: https://www.babskeveci.sk/svajciarsky-klimatolog-zverejnil-spravny-ktore-nemali-vyjst-na-verejnost-toto-sa-stane-uz-onedlho-ovplyvni-zivoty-nas-vsetkych/

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