As the smart home technology progresses, more and more devices on the market are upgraded to smart versions. As the technologies are still quite expensive, not all of the smart devices are available everywhere. But among air conditioners, there are quite a few options to choose from if you are looking for a Wi-Fi smart air conditioning for your home.

Wi-Fi air conditioners are the latest trend of AC appliances that allow you to control temperature around your home or office with a smartphone app and cutting-edge technology. Smart air conditioners are produced by many companies at the moment, most popular being Tado, Sensibo, Samsung LG and Nest. Each of them offers slightly different features, but in general, the technologies here are quite similar. The important thing to remember is how large space you need to cover with air conditioning is to adjust the right amount of devices and their optimal position. Some might need only one or two window-mounted units, others might require larger devices. Once you decide on these factors, the rest will be covered by your new smart devices. They will keep your temperature perfect, and humidity at bay like any other AC, but most importantly you will be able to control the system from anywhere in the world. So if you don’t want to worry about not turning the AC off when on vacation ever again, you should definitely consider the smart option.

Smart air conditioners allow for controlling the temperature of your home and office from anywhere via smartphone apps and internet connection. Would you like to get your house cooled down before getting home from work or holidays without keeping the air conditioning on all the time? The systems connect to your phone’s location and automatically adjust the AC, so the temperature is perfect when you come home. It also turns off when you are away, so you can save money and energy. You can also control your AC manually to turn it on and off or set a personalized schedule with times and temperatures preferred. Using an app, you can do it literally anywhere and at any time.

Smart air conditioners often offer a system of monitoring costs and energy usage, as well as adjusting the duration and intensity of work according to the actual time of your being home. Some producers offer unique scheduling and tracking systems, which can record when you use your air conditioner the most and turn the unit on/off accordingly the next month. Most devices also check the weather outside automatically to predict when you might want to cool. No more waking up sweaty because the temperature went up after sunrise. But apart from the obvious comfort providing features, these technologies are a great solution moneywise. Smart air conditioning might save you up to 40% of energy costs generated by AC at your home. And by optimizing performance and energy use, they are also eco-friendly solutions.

If you don’t want to buy new smart devices now, as your existing AC system is still relatively new, there are ways to make your traditional air conditioning smart. With solutions such as Sensibo SmartPod or Tado Smart Thermostat, you can turn any AC unit that has remote control into a smart one.

These technologies are known for being easy to set up and allow you to add more than one air conditioner, so you can actually build a whole smart system. With Sensibo you just place the Smart Pod directly on your air conditioner and connect the Sensibo Hub to your home router. A free app allows you to control the system from your smartphone. Tado, on the other hand, uses infrared to control your AC and connects with the internet through your Wi-Fi. Tado has some really smart functions. It is Bluetooth and iBeacon capable, which allows it to monitor users’ movements around the house. As residents move around, Tado adjusts the temperature in each room. This maximizes the comfort of your home and also help you save energy.

Smart air conditioning technologies are definitely exciting to use and provide a helpful lot of features to make the AC work the way we want and actually need. They also increase safety around the house – no more over-heated devices that were accidentally left on for too long, which can cause fires or pose danger to people around it. Smart solutions are designed to make your home safer and even more friendly to your particular needs.

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