In the technology world, one thing that has been in the center of everything is the computer. Computers have been evolving over the years. When we use computers in our workplaces, business areas, and homes we come across one term that is like the heart of every computer; “Software.” The software is a part of the computer system that consists of data and computer instructions. The computer software is all the information that is being processed by computer systems and data. The computer hardware and the computer software work hand in hand. They require each other, and none of the two can be used on their own.

The modern world largely depends on the computer systems to ease most of the work. Duties such as keeping inventories, doing accounting and checking market predictability are majorly dependent on the computer software systems that have been invented in to perform different tasks. The designs of the software vary on the complexity of the software and the roles they are entitled to do. For the software to reach various users, some retailers have picked up the trade of ensuring that the intended market accesses them at the right time. This being a field that majorly thrives on the use of technology, its selling must also rely on technology as well.

Various IT companies have been working hand in hand with the retailers to help them get technological solutions for their businesses. Companies such as IBM have been offering retailers with cost effective enterprise content management solutions for retail. The IBM enterprise content management solutions can help retailers mostly software retailers to improve their vendor management and the efficiency of the supply chain and obtain a complete view of the customer. The system can also help the retailers to accelerate contract development with the client and its negotiation and review in due time.

The shop owners in this sector have also partnered with HP Company to get various retail solutions ( The clients will always look at how technologically powered the service giver is before they seek assistance from one. The retailer must, therefore, be impressive through using the HP POS systems that will always reinvent the customer experience. HP is currently promoting the customers experience through promoting the technology experiences and solutions that engage the customers at the shop and the employees. Through the use of this technology the customers get consistent services no matter how big or small the business is.

Automatization trends

The software stores have currently embraced the automation of its services. One of the trends that are being embraced in use of business software to grow the businesses. These software help improve customer relations. There is various software such as accounting software that helps people with bookkeeping in their businesses. These businesses software can be bought online through various sites such as

The automating of any business is aimed at saving operational cost, time and money. In the software stores where different software is being sold in compact discs, there may be a variety of software arranged. For clients to easily get the software such as antivirus or computer games, touch screen panels can be placed in centralized positions in the smart shop. The features of the touch screen panel should be connected to the general store software where the clients can make inquiries and ask for directions as they get immediate feedbacks. The stores should also be connected to free Wi-Fi so that clients can feel free to do more research about the type of software that they would love to purchase online.

Some actual problems

The communities that relate to these businesses have faced a major setback where the automation of systems has rendered most of them jobless because they majorly depended on the employments on such stores. These stores also need a staff of high technology levels such as software engineers and IT experts. It’s tough for the communities to get employment without such skills. The communities should, therefore, work with the government towards setting up special schools that offer technology education. The community will then be eligible to these works or even start their businesses with the knowledge.

Criticism and controversies

The main challenge shoppers’ face is the expenses incurred in purchasing software from these traders. There are extra expenses incurred charged on clients when the retailers offer extra services such as the installation of the software. The software also needs constant upgrades, or they crush down. For the upgrades to be done, extra cost has to be incurred. The retailers are now encouraged to always offer extra services such as installation and testing of the software for free. This will indeed attract many customers to their shops. The software developers should also consider the cost of upgrading or renew the software where they can come up with software that can be used for longer than one year before they are upgraded. This will be cost effective to the clients.

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