Hail technology and the makers of it. The life is no more difficult and troubling rather becoming comfier and calmer with every passing day. Surely you don’t doubt the existence of a smart shop even for a second as it is included in some of the preliminary founding in the filed of technology in the recent age.

Smart shops are a revolutionary platform of retailing, buying, selling goods and services with a world wide exposure and reach. The world seems to have narrowed itself where people from diverse backgrounds are buying from the same shop. Such a variation in customer ethnicities is only made possible after the birth of smart shops.

In the recent times, idea of 24/7 smart shops are quite prevalent in developed countries which aim to provide unwavering and consistent service without any bound of time and human effort. These smart shops offer cashless options of payment, for example, debit/credit cards in addition to other common payment methods. Moreover, these vendor machines also recognize face and can even sense fingerprints.

  1. Smart shop idea is not limited to packed items alone but it also includes fresh and healthy items like vegetables, meat, fruits and much more. All these invaluable food items can now be availed while sitting at home that too on your own buying conditions.
  2. People can also go for remote shopping options by using multitude apps on their smart phones which is far more easier and hassle-free as compare to using vendor machines physically. By using 24/7 smart shop cloud apps you can even manage live activity in your phone to avoid inconvenience later. The app also provides you details of your transaction, discounts (if any) and much more.
  3. These smart shops help you take a complete tour of the items available at the shop, variety and their distinct prices from your smart phone while sitting at home or in office. Moreover, if you are a thrifty customer, you app will help you analyze and evaluate your shopping by generating reports, charts and summaries of your online activity.
  4. IT tools are helping companies globally to promote and expand their businesses. People who had no idea about the brands and trends of the neighbouring countries are now buying and enjoying cross cultural variant stuff via smart online shops and portals whereas the companies are writing new stories of profits, expansion and fame.

Automatization trends

Smart shop is becoming trending fast. In view of the current scenario of hustle and bustle, people hardly get time to go for shopping ritual instead they prefer to buy their desired stuff online. And this is the time when smart shops jumps into the scene and acts as a blessing for the working lot.

Remote shopping, free home delivery and online payment modes are yet some other great features of the modern times which help us save time and energy at the same time.

24/7 Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is exceedingly famous vehicle for withdrawal of your money that is set up by the banks. It helps you obtain the cash anywhere and anytime and hence facilitates you in case of emergencies and occasions of happiness and need.

Some actual problems

Technology has undoubtedly reached in various parts of the world overnight however, there are a few countries which are still deprived of using these advanced facilities of shopping, buying and selling online.

The biggest problem that these areas face is the lack of existing and emerging technologies that the people remain unable to embrace with.

The governments realizing the great importance of e-services in all fields of life to provide maximum benefits to the countrymen are working hard on such automated projects that may connect the whole community to knowledge and provide them disclosure via electronically proven means.

Critism & Controversies

There are some countryside areas that are still missing improved infrastructure and latest technologies. Lack of proper internet services however can fade these gaps away.

Given the uniqueness of technology, the entire work load in many fields of life has been taken charge of by the automated machine and gadgets. Many old-school people claim that these mechanized trends are snatching bread from the working class who were otherwise being benefitted from manual workings.

Moreover, others endorse that technology is connecting people but at the same time it is creating bridges of communication amognst people and communities at large.

Smart shops are criticized on the basis of their technical grounds. After shopping from the smart shop common masses have reported immense joy over the availability of such a facility however there are others who believe that the requested items were not as per their requirements. This is to say that there is no replacement of human beings whatsoever even then in this global village techno-friendly people are the successful ones.

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