In a smart city, the government comes up with policies to ensure that there is an ecological, economic and social progress in a nation. The use of technology is essential in coming up with a smart city as information and communication are vital in the achievement of set macroeconomic goals. Information and communication technology is essential in coming up with a digital economy which improves the competitiveness of the city. Sharing of information makes it possible to develop an effective security system to enable a smooth flow of the economy of a nation. Financial security system implemented by a nation impacts the performance of organizations and the nation. Therefore it is essential for the lawmaker to set standards in financial security systems for an achievement of a smart city concept.

Technology is a primary core in ensuring that there is an improvement and achievement of set goals of a smart city. This is where the residents are required to implement the latest technology in their daily operation to make the goals feasible. Technology makes the city activities sustainable through the implementation of a sustiable flow of resources in the economy. There is advancement of connections when latest technology is used by a city. An improvement in connections of companies and individuals improves the economic flow of a city in achieving set start city concept. Technology makes it possible to achieve smart energy, transport and mobility. Smart energy is where the individuals are provided with chances to use advanced technology to come up with smart streetlights for the city. This is where the urban lighting system needs to be highly improved so that it can ensure that there is a long operation of economic activities in city. Smart city requires implementing solar energy and other latest energy in ensuring that there is an improvement of lighting in the city. Smart transport involves use of ecological friendly such as electric train for transport. The mean of transport implemented aims at ensuring that there is a reduction of pollution and congestion in the city. Mobility is essential for a smart city concept as it improves the movement of raw materials and finished goods from one place to another.


Innovation involves coming up with new methods and ideas that improves the operations of a city. It is important for the residents of a smart city to have a continuous growth in their daily operations where they implement advanced techniques which will result to more production. Innovation is vital in ensuing that there is social, economic and ecological progress of the city. The use of creativity for business makes them competitive in the city making it to achieve smart city concept through a continuous development of processes. Innovation provides the management with strategies which will improve the performance of organization considering the dynamic external environment. Smart city concept requires the residents and companies to engage in innovative ideas in making the city more differentiated for economic progress through innovation.

Human resource structure

The employees are required to be empowered to ensure that there is an improvement of social and economic of a city. Human resource structure implemented is expected to be implemented considering the macroeconomic goals set by the nation about smart city. This makes the company to implement a strategy that is highly effective to manage employees. The residents of the city are required to work together to improve information and communication technology implementation in the city.  Smart city concept requires focus on human health and safety for a smooth flow of economic activities in the nation. The human resource framework is developed through proper recruitment and training strategies which will provide a smooth flow of operations in the organization. Smart cities are required to meet the needs of all residents considering their different choices and preferences.  Employee training and development improves the efficiency of production in the city making it to achieve the smart city concept.

Institution structure

The institutions are vital in ensuring that there is an achievement of a smart city concept. Therefore the policy makers come up with standards which will provide the required goods and products for the city. Quality products and services reduce waste in the city making it possible to develop a smart city. Implementation of ICT is vital for institutions in the city for a smooth flow of business operations in the city. ICT is needed for the achievement of social, economic and ecological goals in the smart city. This requires a smooth flow of operations that will make the city sustain all the needs of the resident regardless of their different cultural backgrounds. Research is needed in coming up with an institutional structure that will be highly accepted by different generations thus providing a long survival of a business. It is important to engage all the stakeholders in the city when implementing information technology strategy for the achievement of smart city concept.

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