The concept of a smart city is synonymous to improved connectivity as attributed to the technology that is controlling the way the modern man lives. Lifewill be safer, enjoyable and sustainable. The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed all the operations that are associated with the smart cities, because each and every aspect of life has taken a new direction to enhance the quality of life. All these will translate into improved service delivery to the public, reduced environmental degradation and effective use of the few available resources.

Smart energy provision

In the future, smart cities will ensure that there is availability of smart energy networks which will be responsible for the conservation of excess energy. There will be better ways of storage of energy after the production of renewable energy in all sectors.  The connectivity of the devices courtesy of IoT, will make this storage in the batteries, real and by so doing, cut down on the cost of acquiring the energy by 25%.

Remote working

Smart cities will have a provision for remote working, especially those people who enjoy working quietly. This segment of workers could be rented space in smart homes instead of wasting a lot of resources, to travel for long distances for the same services that could easily be accessed.By so doing, the energy will be saved and the environment, spared the harmful effects of the fumes from moving vehicles for transportation.

Optimization of mobility

The future smart cities will experience optimized mobility in which there will be little time wasted in traffic because of congestion, which on average, the modern driver has been consuming approximately 15% of his time. IoT will enable smart parking to be a reality and from it, the 20% of time wasted searching for ample parking will be eliminated. It will also be easy to access real time data on the traffic or usage of the roads and with this information, be in a position to detour to a more reliable lane to economize on the time spent. Another way to cut down on the unnecessary use of power, is the introduction of the smart lighting on the streets that could only be illuminated upon you approaching them and automatically dim as you move away. This is also one way of increasing the security on the roads for the pedestrians as well as the motorists. The waiting time for motorists at the stop/red light will be minimized considerably, allowing for moving traffic on the smart roads.

Shared and reusable buildings

There will be a provision for reusable and sharable buildings. The concept requires that at all times the buildings should be in use based on the connectivity. In case of demolition, the materials used for the construction of the buildings could be used for other purposes and in this way, the planners of these smart cities should factor in the reusability aspect of the debris. By so doing, a lot of energy will be saved that could have been used to manufacture new building and construction materials.

Machinery and tools

The technology boom will better the lives of city dwellers since the use of machines and the right tools shall be applied in the development of the necessary infrastructure, including the sewerage management of the smart cities hence making the sanitation, a priority. The urban data exchange used in the machine and the tools will offer convenience to the lives of the dwellers. In the smart cities, communication will be faster than it is today via digital technology. There will be no letter writing of letters in which trees will be saved and forests preserved. Decision making therefore will be quite easy for the messages or instructions could be conveyed around very fast. Smart cities will ensure that there is up-to-date information on world events. This could be realized through the internet and smartphones that proving real time events as they occur.

Improved travel arrangements and smart vehicles

Through the technological applications, it will be very easy to make travel arrangements. In this case, the best option could be searched online and virtually reach a y destination across the word, especially when you use the smart applications on the smartphones. Understanding of the various demographics around the world will be easy with the touch of a button. In the business sector, the use of the PowerPoint presentation, laptops, simulators and laser pointers will make life easier and fun. Technology will make it easier to fight crime using neon lighting that brightens the city at night.The electric vehicles will also save a lot of air pollution because there will be no emissions of co2 in the air. This will be very easy in the monitoring of the performance of the vehicles when there is a connection to any wireless device and then controlled via remote. The smart cities will make the life enjoyable because of the reliability and efficiency of the smart systems, courtesy of IoT.

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