An American physician John Gorrie discovered the cold-air process of refrigeration as the result of experiments to lower the temperature of fever patients by cooling hospital rooms. John was an early pioneer in the invention of the artificial manufacture of ice, refrigeration, and air-conditioning. And, he got the first patent for mechanical refrigeration in 1851.

Principle of air-conditioning

John Gorrie’s fundamental principle that of compress a gas, and then cooling it by sending it through radiating coils. After this process, a device expands it to lower the temperature further. This principle is one of the most often methods used refrigerators until today. This method uses two double-acting pumps.

John initially designed this device to treat yellow fever patients. It reduces the temperature of compressed air by injecting a small amount of water into it. The compressed air merges in coils surrounded by circulating cooling water. Infused water is condensed out in a holding tank, and releases the compressed air into a container of lower pressure that contains brine. Such technology enables the temperature of the brine to fall to 26 degrees and below. After the procedure, the cold air is releasing in an open system into the atmosphere.

In 1842 Gorrie designed and built an air-cooling apparatus for treating yellow-fever patients. He gave up the medical practice to engage in time-consuming experimentation with ice making.

Ice lobby break Gorrie’s profit from his invention

Dr. Gorrie saw the advantages of air conditioning not only for health but also for work productivity, and he pointed out the commercial applications of refrigeration for the storage of food. Another aspect of his invention was an effective air-conditioning.

Although the mechanism produced ice in quantities, leakage and irregular performance sometimes impaired its operation. Gorrie tried to get venture capital in New Orleans, and he was attempting to find the market for his device. Although, problems in product demand, its operation, and the opposition of the ice lobby discouraged his plans. John never profits from his invention.

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