The entertainment sector has been like the nearest friend that has never left any individual. Whenever we are tired of a long day hustle, we go back to our homes, take a warm bath and think of the better ways of rejuvenating our spirits. This can either be through playing a PS game or watch some sweet movie or music video. All this is always crowned without love and admiration for the perfection of the kind of movies we watch. The entertainment equipment in our homes are always our nearest partners, and our dreams are always to have the best of quality.

During the olden days, the source of entertainment use to be a theater, however, currently, we have the theaters right in our homes. Were it not for the modern technology; this could not have been attained. The current retailers are dealers in a lot of products that range from the entertainment equipment such as the Televisions, video players and music systems to the collections of movies, series, and music available on the stores. This being an industry where customers’ preference changes on a daily basis, the retailers have to use every technological means available to impress most of their customers to always visit these stores.

Technology has been the best thing that man was ever blessed with. For the entertainment stores to get a large number of clients, technology has to play the largest role here. The best partners’ for this kind of retailers have been different IT companies that have been coming up with systems that have enabled the daily operation of business easy. HP Company has come up with various point of sale systems that have been used with the stores to reinvent customer experiences through technology solutions that have been engaging customers on behalf of the stores ( HP has offered technological solutions to retailers such as HP MP9 retail system which can be used by shop owners to manage their businesses and maximization of the space from the front of the store to the back office.

The shop owners have now advanced their shops from the actual site shops to setting them online. Through a partnership with mobile app developers and partners like Google and Microsoft to develop mobile applications for their businesses. These mobile apps are used by smartphone owners to make orders to the king of products that they are interested with. Through the mobile applications, the business owners can now buy online movies and music and watch them from any location using their smart tablets and smartphones.

Automatization trends

Despite the act of automating a store being expensive, it’s important for all store owners to automate their stores for easier management of their services. Since this kind of businesses works with many orders being placed in the many hours of the day, the retailers can automate their retail stores to using retail management system for management of all the local activities like calculation of the required replenishment of products, requested orders, time for transport among others ( In the entertainment store, the clients can have their orders processed within time with the use of such systems.

In the actual store, various hardware systems can be atomized to improve the customer experience when in the real store. The stores can be receptive to Internet of things where they can have their stores configured with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with strong internet connectivity to enable clients to do online research even when in the stores to make various researches on the type of movies or games they would like to buy ( This will help them know the kind of product they are buying. Buyers are changing and so is their expectations towards particular brands and therefore having them access internet while inside the stores will help them in making decisions about certain products.

Some actual problems

This industry just like another is not limited to scrutiny, and therefore there have been discussions here and there on how the communities and the governments are affected. The modernization of the stores is very expensive, and only a few and wealthy business owners have automated their sales. This has attracted a large volume of clients in their shops thus marginalizing the other small business owners who have not advanced their businesses. The government can offer loans and skills training to the other business owners so that they can improve their businesses. The loans should be given on lowered interest rates so that many can benefit.

Criticism and controversies

The main setback that has been facing this business has been about the late deliveries of products ordered. This might be because of the slow speed of processing the orders and the transport mechanisms. The shop owners can update their business software to help in the faster processing of orders. The orders can be delivered using drones though this has been put into discussion. The future will see to a delivery system where drones will be used and self-driven cars.

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