With the entire world moving towards a more sustainable living approach, finding environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional living methods is becoming a top priority amongst eco-friendly Brits. While every small effort contributes towards a happier, healthier environment, there is a lot of work to be done as the UK only managed to be ranked 12th in the 2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) with a score of 87.38. Home heating is one such a pivotal part of everyday life in the UK, with it becoming even more commonplace in the winter when temperatures often reach 0oC and even below. Thankfully there are a number of eco-friendly solutions for your home, such as the following, that will not only see you save on your energy bill but reduce your carbon footprint and live an overall healthier life as well.

Pellet stoves

New-age pellet stoves are rated amongst the most efficient solid-burning residential heating appliances, leaving less than 0.5% ash.  When you purchase a pellet stove you will find yourself with a lot of options as to the type of fuel you can use including corn, switchgrass, and cotton.  Regardless of the choice, you make you can be rest assured of one thing – all pellets come from completely renewable sources. As a heating source, not many appliances can compete with a pellet stove that is able to provide rapid, sustained heat to a room or house.  Manual and automatic ignition options are available with the automatic ignition, in particular, being very popular.  At the simple touch of a button, or even via an app on your smartphone, the stove can be programmed to turn itself on at a specific time. There is also no need to constantly refuel the stove as long as the hopper is full before use. Luckily even if you forget to fill the hopper, it can be done safely even while the stove is on.

Geothermal heating systems

Geothermal technology is one of the more recent eco-friendly heating and cooling innovations and also the one that is gaining popularity the fastest.  A geothermal system utilizes the profusion of heat that exists underground, via loop pipes that are installed underground, as a 100% natural energy source.  The pipes are filled with a water-based solution that that absorbs heat from the earth, releasing it where it is most needed. During winter, the heat that has been absorbed is transmitted into your home via the geothermal system. The water solution condenses and the heated air is circulated throughout your house, making it warm. During the warmer months, the entire process is simply reversed and the hot air is taken from your house and released underground. Geothermal systems currently enjoy an efficiency rating of nearly 400% and can save you up to £1425/year on your heating bill according to the Energy Saving Trust, despite an initial investment of around £13,000.

Infrared heaters

While infrared heaters are still considered to be one of the new kids on the block, it is fast proving itself to be one of the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient heating solutions to date. Infrared heaters have a number of benefits which include the fact that they require no maintenance, and are extremely cost-effective, converting 100% of the electricity they use into heat. Infrared heat is also a more comfortable source of warmth than more conventional methods that tend to dry out the air. The heat emitted by an infrared heater is easily absorbed by surrounding surfaces such as furniture resulting in an unvarying temperature from the floor right through to the ceiling. As these heaters do not heat up the air, there is no dust circulation present, making it ideal for asthma sufferers – they can even help with blood circulation as well as to stabilize the metabolism.

Changing to an eco-friendly heating solution for your home may not seem like a big deal in the bigger scope of things, but it certainly is. You will not only be doing the environment a favour by adopting a number of environmentally-friendly approaches as you are bound to feel it in your pocket as well as you save money on your energy bill every month.

Written by: Cassie Steele

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