In the last couple of years, knowledge of how technology has enhanced both home and work life increased drastically. For years, companies worked on the concept of having a frictionless office. Smart voice notifications enhance employee efficiency and business productivity by proactively evaluating data sources, sifting the noise and providing essential, easy-to-comprehend information for the decision-makers on all levels of an organization.

From routine daily activities like order status, employee communications, appointment reminders and billing notices to crisis-oriented occurrences like outages, emergency response and recalls voice notifications allows organisations to provide timely info to the appropriate people using the recipient’s favourite method of communication.

Organizations have valuable information capable of helping them enhance their performance. Regrettably, identifying and interpreting such info is usually an estimation. People simply lack the time to traverse through large quantities of data to identify areas that need immediate action. Voice notification simplifies the analysis, reporting and information dissemination process. Smart notification in a smart office automatically conveys actionable details and insights to the appropriate people in a timely manner via the preferred delivery system. Such information empowers the right individuals to act swiftly and shrewdly.

Smart voice notification together with online collaboration and guidance, represent a closed system that allows employees to successfully embrace opportunities and even resolve issues quickly. Smart voice notification for employees are able to pool data from several sources into one notification. For instance, a sales individual can get notification regarding request for support for one of the top accounts, although account and support information are inside separate applications.

Automatization trends

Smart voice notification use very sophisticated business analytics when delivering meaningful, filtered and bespoke content to users, providing them clear visibility of the business. Automated notifications assist companies in delivering real-time notifications to groups of people anywhere in the world. Through voice automation, employees are able to serve better, make use of resources more efficiently and even incorporate personal touch in areas that matter most. In both small and large companies, managing personnel is an overwhelming task and can result in a lot of stress to individuals who are in charge. Voice notification alleviates management stress by automating employee notifications and reminders.

Often, conventional analysis and reporting tools are too time consuming and difficult for individuals to use. Smart voice notification disregards complexity, therefore making actionable info easily accessible to users who are authorized, including employees. Moreover, the content used in notifications may be customized to fit each user’s responsibilities, role, geographic location and interests.

Many enterprises that depend on consultants make use of outbound IVR (interactive voice response) as a way of notifying them about new job opportunities and measure their abilities for performing the work. In emergencies cases, an organization needs to make instant contact with a huge group of its employees. Although a phone call is the best way of communicating important information in an emergency, calling every employee manually may take a lot of time. That’s why most organizations depend on voice notifications.

Some actual problems

Cities face a number of problems when using voice notifications. For instance, such technology can send messages containing too much information to remember or content that is irrelevant. Also, some voice prompts used can be very hard to fathom especially when the voice does not generate words that are clear or correct.

Government agencies such as the Federal Government and local municipalities use mass notification systems as a way of minimizing costs and enhancing efficiencies in various ways. After workers at a local municipality were required to walk from door-to-door to deliver to every resident the message of contaminated water, city officials realised the need for a better way of communication with its city members. Following the incorporation of mass notification system, the city representatives were able to communicate with residents in one quick message either text, or phone call. In addition, fire departments use these platforms to inform residents of crises and also communicate internally when filling open shifts.

Critism & Controversies

Although most people dislike listening and talking to machines, most of the criticism associated with voice notification system for employees arise from situations where a business comes up and implements the system in a poor way.

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