Security is one of the main focus and strongest trends in smart home technologies.  There are multiple options of home security systems to choose from. Whether you are looking for a simple, mounted camera at your front door or a full system of multiple cameras, the choice is vast, and gives you options of not only protecting your house and the property around it, but also the people,   pets, devices and equipment that are inside.

A smart wireless camera system can provide the much needed peace of mind by allowing you to see what is going on inside and outside your house even when you are away. The systems optimally should include indoor and outdoor cameras to cover the whole area you want to secure. Make sure that the outdoor cameras are weather-proof, in other words that they can record quality video images even when it is raining or snowing. Outdoor cameras should also have infrared night vision or at least LED illumination, so you can watch clear images after dark. The infrared lenses are also very useful indoors, at it is the night time that gives us most anxiety, and also most of burglaries do actually happen after dark.

It is very important to choose the right type of cameras and place them in such a way that they cover all the area and not leave any „dead angles”. Leaving out even a tiny space can be dangerous, as even a small spot could be the one sore spot the intruder will use to get inside unnoticed and operate from there. This is the basis for your smart system to work at its best and give you the optimal safety. The decision if you want to install the system yourself or get a professional to do it is all yours and really depends on how tech-savvy you are and how much money you are ready to invest in your home security system.

Smart camera systems provide surveillance and are accessible by internet 24/7. So you can control the images from your computer, smartphone or tablet when you are at work, on holiday or simply taking a nice long walk in the evening. Smart cameras usually come with built-in motion sensors, IR lenses, so you will be notified if any movement is detected by text, email or a phone call. Some of the cameras can even alert you when temperature or humidity exceeds the standard rate.

Apart from notifications, you can use the streaming feature and watch your home in real time. This serves well if you want to keep an eye on what your children are doing when you’re not around or to monitor if your dog is not trying to eat your favourite pair of shoes again. Wi-Fi connected cameras give you the advantage of remote access and alerts at all times, you just need an internet connection, a smartphone and smart app.

Modern home security cameras are very easy to install and set up. Many offer cloud storage of recorded footage, so the images stay online and might be proof in case of a break-in. Also, if they get stolen, you can track them down easily, as they record the images and often location as well. However, bear in mind that the cloud storage is usually subscription-based and comes with an extra cost. If you want to avoid that, get a camera with a memory card slot, so you can store the footage on the device.

Some of the latest models include a very exciting feature, which is facial recognition (Netatmo for instance). This cutting-edge function is still being developed and so you might encounter some difficulties. It might take quite some time for the camera to identify people, and can only be used to identify specific people, like your household members. It can be useful if you want to avoid unnecessary alerts, it will not send you a text if your kids are at the door with a friend, for instance. In the future it might bring more functions and benefits, as the technology is still being worked on and optimalised. In the future, with the development of facial recognition, the camera systems can be more independent in accessing danger and bring home security to another level.

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