Whenever we think of smart city homes, the main thing that comes to our mind is a sexy home that is attractive to the people who live in it and those who view the house. The smart city homes are the best homes developed in the cities that are adopting the smart city project. Infrastructural development is not only focused on roads and shops but also homes. The homes are developed basing on infrastructural innovations. The smart homes are also based on the kind of products that are in the homes.

Features of Smart Homes

In a smart city home, some technologies help in promoting intelligent network connectivity in the buildings. The homes can install the local area connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G LTE among others that bring efficiency in communication and other internet services inside the houses. Through stronger network connectivity in the house, information can be transferred easily from the house to any other place like online stores as well as work areas.

Other technological features of smart homes include the use of mobile software to perform specific tasks at home. The software can be used to calculate how energy is being used and consumed. Other software can be used in directing the homeowners on various ways of recycling their wastes and waters. This software aim at promoting the environment the residents will be exposing their lives to.

The coming of smartphones helped pull a major milestone in the development of smart city homes. Imagine controlling your light from the comfort of your bed. It is the most thrilling and exciting thing about mobile app technology about smart city home designs. The mobile apps can help in controlling the security cameras where you can monitor what is going on at home. The mobile apps can help you in shopping for your kitchen if the need arises. An example is given of the smart fridge that when connected to the smartphone app, the owner can view what is in the fridge and what needs to be added. This will help in good budgeting and planning for your kitchen thus a good reason to focus on the need of having us surrounded by smart city projects.

Smart Homes Automatization trends

Many homes are now seeking to automate most of their activities to reduce the workload being done by the residents. Most of the residents in smart cities work very long hours to cater to their needs. As a result, the smart city homes project aims at modernizing most of the home equipment so that they can be automated. This is the real purpose of the smart city house concept. The automatization of homes is broad as it looks at very many sectors. However, one of the main automatized areas is the door lock in the house that aims in promoting security. A smart lock is now used to automate the doors and breaking into them is hard since you will risk triggering the alarms. Other automatization trends include the use of robotic technology where smart homes are now using robots to do jobs such as cleaning the house and serving the house members and the guest’s meals. There can also be connected products such as an echo that reads your stories as you cook in the kitchen so that you can concentrate on chopping your onions.

The future of smart city houses

The future of smart city houses will see a more enhanced technology building. One of the anticipated developments is based on the future ability of the house to know and distinguish the difference between family members and guests that enter the house through using small arm devices to sense who are making their way in or just by the use of natural appearance. There is also an anticipation of designers coming up with a more complex app that measures energy consumptions in the homes and helps with ideas on how to regulate that.

How smart city homes should change our lives

Smart city homes should, first of all, make the lives of the people easier by giving them a helping hand or what is known as modern alternatives in the problems that they encounter. The smart city homes should also ensure that the citizens live a more convenient, comfortable and time conscious life.

Some actual problems

The main problem the citizens face in this kind of project is the higher costs that are associated with building a fully smart city home. This is a challenge that will slow down the speed of development of this concept that is admired by governments in many cities today. The other problem people face is marginalization whereby the sophisticated systems in homes can only be handled by literate people leaving behind the less fortunate ones. The modern home equipment is prone to damages since they require excess attention.

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