Climate control air conditioning denotes to the technology that lets you regulate the airflow and temperature of the air conditioning system. This is a user-controlled thermostat that lets homeowners or residents set the climate of a certain room or whole house. The level of control relies on the technology supplier and varies in functionality. Smart Air-conditions use unique artificial intelligence technology to detect and analyze a multitude of factors, learn your comfort and amends the air conditioner to ensure you are comfortable.

Some brands in the industry are way ahead of the rest, and there are a lot of available smart climate control air conditioners. Some of the brands are Mitsubishi Electric, LG and Samsung that offer some pioneering smart air conditioners. Samsung is among the biggest electronics companies across the world, and it is fit that the company extended its technical prowess to the air conditioner industry.

A number of private sector enterprises that range from construction companies, property developers and architectural firms to energy and manufacturers of HVAC equipment, installers, and service providers, they are all keen on enhancing air quality and increase indoor environmental quality within the workplace. Through the use of smart control technology that can monitor conditions inside and outside the system, acclimatize to changing conditions through adjusting system levels and communicating data and information are the core features in the latest smart climate control systems.

Apart from more efficient regulation of temperature, heating, cooling or circulating the air that flows in commercial buildings, the latest smart, highly efficient central air conditioning (AC) systems use a number of filters to remove particles as well as other forms of pollutants. Climate control also controls humidity more efficiently and effectively. As industry leaders usually claim, it is also my opinion that the introduction of Wi-Fi Air Conditioning Control opens the door to much smarter cooling or heating that offers total comfort wherever you are!

Automatization trends

Smart air conditioners are connected to the internet, which allows them to be controlled via your smartphone. It’s only one of the numerous appliances to be part of the ‘Internet of things’ attached to the internet to provide maximum convenience and controllability. Today, the Internet of Things brings you a smart device, which is an intelligent upgrade for the air conditioner. It is an automated climatic intelligence that allows you to control the home climate from anyplace.

Humans are always looking for means to consolidating and simplifying the innumerable technologies in our own lives. For those living in hotter climates, everyday existence most undoubtedly includes air conditioning. Although there’s nothing superficially strenuous regarding switching on the air conditioning, sometimes the remote control gets lost, runs out of juice, or even breaks. So wouldn’t control the aircon using something that we always access to like, say, our smartphones, be convenient? It would be super convenient in those hot days in case you prefer putting the air con to work several minutes before you can get back home.

As you may have guessed, there are ways of controlling your air-con using your phone. A number of air conditioner manufacturers have partnered with third parties to develop ways of connecting smartphones with the air con units for several years, to make our lives a bit simpler.

Some actual problems

Cities over the years have always been considered instruments of industrial growth since they offer residents opportunities for both employment and success. This fact is particularly noticeable in modern times. However, the problem of urbanization is evident for all to see. The explosive growth of city dwellers population is posing a massive challenge for the urban infrastructures that are getting to their limits in most places. Cities literally produce stuffy air. This air is gradually harmful to residents in cities. An analysis World Health Organization (WHO) publication in May 2015 shows that close to 90% of the global urban population breathes air that is polluted above the recommended thresholds.

Criticism & Controversies

One thing is for sure, you have to pay a premium to get a smart air conditioner compared to the regular ones that have the remote control. Having smart air conditioners as part of the ‘smart’ scene is great, but be ready to pay extra for the technology.

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