Smart home control is easy, intuitive and reliable. It might seem complicated to have all the automated devices around the house, but with multiple devices comes a great and convenient option of master panels to centrally control every part of your smart home system – from air conditioning, heating to lights and entertainment.  No remote controls lying around your home, no confusion with dozens of smartphone apps.

Central control panels deliver home automation solutions that will really enhance your lifestyle. All your smart home devices will be controlled from just one touch screen. It should be placed in an easy to access, central spot in your home, but don’t worry most of the products available have really beautiful designs, with a modern look, smooth lines and elegant colors that will look good in any interior. Naturally, you do not have to always run to the panel when you need to use it. The technology offers the possibility to access it via an internet connection, so you might as well lie on your sofa with your smartphone and adjust your lights, temperature or music. What the panel does is it gathers all the data in one device and allows for better collaboration between the devices, so you can really use and enjoy all the options your smart home system has to offer or even create new ones depending on your needs.

The panels may look like simple touch screens, but the possibilities they offer are truly cutting-edge. The best models of central control panels offer a lot more than just to keep your set preferences for all the home appliances and devices and monitor their performance. The latest technologies can actually adjust to your lifestyle and apply your preset preferences to any of the devices connected. This means that the machines can get so smart that they can read your way of life and based on the data they gather, suggest some solutions, like dimming the lights at certain times, putting on your favorite music when you get home from work or turn off the TV in your children’s room if it’s past their bedtime. If you choose to connect your media too, then a whole new world of options opens up with the possibility to create fully custom and personalized music, film, TV or video game experience in each room and for each user.

Integrating all your systems into just one interface can also provide more safety and will definitely make it easier to build up and monitor your security system. One-touch of the screen and you can have all your doors locked, the lights put in the right mode and make sure the security cameras and alarms are activated. And again, you can do it directly on the screen of the panel or from any place using your smartphone, even when you are away on holiday or a business trip. The integration offers also intelligent cooperation between devices. If the smoke alarm goes off, the central control system can automatically turn off the air conditioning, so the smoke and flames don’t spread around the entire house. You can even have the system light the pathways for emergency exits, so your family can evacuate faster and easier.

Probably the most cutting-edge feature available with some of the latest models already is the voice control. Even when around the house, you do not even need to reach for a smartphone, but simply speak to the panel. These solutions use such technologies as Amazon Echo, for instance, to provide such hand-free smart home control. This option might really revolutionize smart home technologies, as it can make them accessible and convenient for people with vision impairment, the elderly or disabled users. This way, some of those users can gain more independence and be able to live comfortably on their own without the need for human assistance at all times.

Centrally-controlled home automation systems really are the signposts of the future. With these devices’ abilities, soon our homes can intuitively interact with our needs and preferences and even anticipate your perfect environment – with the right balance of natural and electric lighting, air temperature, humidity, music and sound levels. Actually, all of these options are already available today!

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