When you hear of background music  systems, most probably you  think about their most common use – in shops, hotels or different office lobbies. But the beneficial effects of a good smart sound system can be also enjoyed at home.

Music helps us relax, can enhance our mood and reduce tensions, as well as mask the outside noises and create exactly the atmosphere you need to always feel your best when at home. With smart home music theatres you can choose to wake up to your favourite tune, take a bath with the relaxing sounds to take away the tensions of a hard day or put on your programmed playlist when your friends are coming over. Other than that, it is also possible to connect the audio system with other appliances and choose sounds for when someone is at the door or for other events, like your oven timer or alarm clock. Smart technologies allow you to program the tunes and also choose in which room and how loud you want to hear them.

The latest options of smart background music sound systems are multi room audio solutions that give you the freedom to program time, music and atmosphere for even up to ten spaces in your house (check out Loxone Smart Home or Alibaba, to name just two). Thanks to them your multimedia devices can be all interconnected and intelligently automated, so you can sit back and enjoy the comforts of your smart home. Some say it is like having your home run on autopilot with the possibility of controlling and adjusting the settings from any place, within your home or outside.

The most basic function of smart background music systems is to set a playlist or a CD to be played in your home when you want. You can choose to listen to the same tune in the whole house or set a different playlist for each room. So when you come back home from work, you can be welcomed by your favourite song in the hall, and then have completely different music played in the kitchen or living room. If combined with movement sensors, the music can follow you anywhere you move, so it doesn’t play all around at the same time. Other household members can choose their own settings in their own rooms, so your kids can listen to their own music (or an audiobook). And the best part is that you you can control the volume (finally!), while relaxing in the living room to the sounds you like.

You can choose from a variety of music sources. The best systems have an option for CD, DVD, internet services like TuneIn, Google Play Music, Spotify or your personal playlists downloaded from your laptop. You can also stream the music live from your smartphone or tablet.

It is also possible, and crucial, to set the right volume. You might like to listen to music loudly when you cook, but in the bedroom it might be nicer to set the volume lower. All this can be programmed, so you don’t need to look for remote control every time you enter the room. The audio system will automatically turn off, when you leave a room or leave the house and lock your front door.

The control issue is also a great convenience. You can have just one remote control device. be it a traditional portable remote control, your smartphone, tablet or simply a nice stylish control station on the wall. This way you can get rid of multiple remotes lying around, mostly looking the same and giving nothing but frustration when you need to find the right one fast.

Another way you can use your smart audio theatre is to use it as pat of your home security system. You can simply set the multi room system to play at full volume if any unusual entry is detected. This way it may work as an additional alarm to scare away intruders. But also it can let you know that your guests have arrived at your driveway or doorstep and play a nice song to welcome them.

As you see, background music systems are more than just boring tunes in the dentist’s waiting room. If you choose one and combine it with other devices, you can have a whole new experience of a smart home. What is especially appealing is the possibility to connect the audio system to the rest of your multimedia devices, TV, Xbox, playstation, sound amplifier and more. The options are limited only by your own needs and imagination.

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