Cleaning your house can be a grueling task. Sweeping, wiping and vacuuming the floors is no light job and you not only need time to do it but also strength and some physical fitness. Not all of us can enjoy that, which is why cleaning robots are one of the most dynamically developing smart home technologies. They are designed to be helpful and make the cleaning process more fun. After all, who wouldn’t like to have their house cleaned by a cutting-edge robot with no effort involved?

Automatic robot vacuum cleaners, also called robovacs, are small devices that will do all the boring or tiring vacuum work for you. These robots have built-in cameras and sensors, so they figure out their way around your house or flat. Some of them work methodically, others seem to sense the dust in a more random way, but still get the job done. All you have to do is to place them on the floor, switch it on, set the mode and you can go about your own business, while they do the cleaning. The cleaning modes differ among brands and models, but usually, they offer auto, manual, spot, point cleaning, turbo mode, and dust sensor mode. You can let them work their way around your home or steer them with a remote or an app on your mobile.

Cleaning robots usually work on wall-following technology, which means the robot navigates along walls, baseboards, and edges. The best models are programmed to navigate around any obstacles, like shoes, furniture or sleeping pets. Also, the built-in smart sensors and cliff detectors enable the robot to avoid stairs or other raised transitions. And at the same time, the robot is able to clean under furniture or beds and basically cover all the low and hidden spots, which is a very useful option. In case the device gets stuck on something, most of them switch off and withdraw to a safe surface from which they continue the cleaning. Some advanced robots use lasers to scan the room for dirt as well as obstacles. However, it has to be said that in most cases this feature is the soft spot and one of the main issues the smart technology robotics experts work on right now in order to provide a reliable navigating and smarter obstacle dealing systems for these robots.

Depending on the kind of flooring you have, you can choose models that are only vacuum cleaners or multipurpose ones that can also mop your floors. Some of the cleaning robots simply work better for carpeting, while others can be used also for hard-surface floors, like hardwood, tile, vinyl or laminate. Many mopping robots offer two modes: dry sweeping or damp mopping. These use disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths to sweep or mop the daily dirt, dust or hair. The machine keeps the cloth damp throughout the cleaning process, and it is also possible to use special detergents to make your floors really shiny.

The apps allow you to control your cleaning robot even when you’re away from home, you can set a schedule for when and where it should start and finish cleaning, change sucking or sweeping and mopping modes. Imagine, your house can be cleaned before you go back from work or holiday to give you a nice and dirt-free welcome. You can also use these smartphone apps while you’re home and steer the robot to a particular spot that needs to be cleaned, so you are literally dealing with the dirt from the comfort of your sofa.

However, automatic cleaning technologies are not perfect yet. There are still some issues when it comes to sucking force and the eye for detail that is so important in the cleaning department. The cleaning robots available on the market still struggle with some of these problems, not being always able to provide a thorough service of cleaning your home. However, as mentioned before, the technologies are under constant development and the perfect cleaning robot may be just around the corner with who knows how many advanced new options. Perhaps soon in the future robots will do all the tedious housework leaving us with more time to enjoy the smart life.

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