The new starship prototype Starship, named MK1, is almost ready and should take off in October. It was written by SpaceX boss Elon Musk on his Twitter account. In the first test, the rocket should take off to a height of twenty kilometers and then return by the controlled maneuver. The previous Starhopper prototype was no more than two hundred meters.

SpaceX has already handed over the necessary documents to the US regulatory agency this week for a scheduled flight to complete the test flight, TechCrunch wrote. The test will be just a starter. Shortly after the first test of the new prototype should be followed by the first orbital flight (over 100 kilometers). Musk also promised to release updated plans and targets around the Starship space program on September 28.

SpaceX is known for its aggressive schedules. For example, the Starship spacecraft hopes to launch its first commercial flight as early as 2021. Starship is a new generation of SpaceX spacecraft. The ship is designed not only to be reusable but also to have the longest life span and be able to serve in the distant future. Starship is also a ship to be involved in the colonization of Mars.

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