Spacerew’s Crew Dragon spacecraft returned to Earth after a six-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS). On parachutes, she plunged into the waters off the coast of Florida at a pre-announced time. This ended the first unmanned trial mission in orbit as part of the efforts of the US National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) to recover manned space flights using US spacecraft. ”

A successful Crew Dragon landing at sea exactly as planned at 8:45 am (2:45 pm our time),” NASA’s commercial flight team reported on Twitter, while boat teams headed for the landing module. “It’s great to have a moment like this,” one of the project leaders Reed Benji commented on the landing. Crew Dragon started his return trip in the morning when he automatically disconnected from the ISS around 08:30, where he spent five days.

The Falcon 9 rocket ship from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was launched into space on March 2, and the machine joined the space station after an automatic flight of approximately 27 hours. He transported almost 200 kilograms of cargo there. In addition, he carried a dummy with a number of sensors to determine what a Crew Dragon would be like for a real crew. SpaceX founder and boss Elon Musk identified the last part of the return journey as the most difficult part of the trip. “Supersonic return probably worries me the most,” Musk said a few hours after the start, referring to a glowing descent through Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of thousands of kilometers per hour.

Tesla Industry and Energy to Unveil New SUV. Unmanned to show no flaws, Crew Dragon could re-embark on an orbital complex in July on a second test flight, already completed by two astronauts, so far the only hitch around NASA and SpaceX is not directly related to Crew Dragon’s performance but founder He had to undergo a security clearance in the past because his company is authorized to launch military spy satellites, but media reported Thursday that Musek’s clearance is currently under revision, according to a Reuters event last September, when the US During a live interview with comedian Joe Rogan, the billionaire smoked marijuana, among other things. “The Pentagon began investigating the incident sometime after the marijuana events,” said an American official who spoke on condition of anonymity, “Reuters wrote.

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