electrons quantum physics touch feel how the world work sense

A real proof that physics is bizarre – explanation what physics says about the impossibility to touch anything surrounding you. Get an understanding of the communication of electrons in atoms and how the real physical world work. Moreover, how work you senses like to feel and touch something and explanation of it by quantum physics. […]

Amazon introduced quantum ledger database blockchain competition QLDB framework

Amazon has a new framework for companies – Amazon QLDB (Quantum Ledger Database) as a competitive service to Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB). Amazon QLDB (Quantum Ledger Database) is a type of Ledger technology that draws competitive advantages over blockchain (AMB) for organizations that need a secure database. QLDB framework is a fixed, cryptographically verifiable database […]

electric cars worse for planet than diesel carbon dioxide CO2 EU targets

If you care about the planet and are considering smart car – an electric vehicle for that, maybe you should look at the results of a new German study that break EU targets about CO2 – Carbon Dioxide (grams of carbon) emissions. Scientists say that electric cars are responsible for more carbon dioxide emissions than […]