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Welcome to the ABC Smart City network.

This website is the part of the education, promotion and sales network that represents Smart Technologies for Smart Cities. This network runs based on thousands of domains with different content with a joint idea about the Smart City.


– Presents industrial tenders related to products, business analytics, reporting, legal and regulations.
– Releases press, news and guides related to smart technology projects implementation.
– Keeps track on legislation, economics, finance & grants related to intellectual hi-tech products.
– Serves product portfolio to the client in a simple easy-to-use way, like shopping online.


– Encyclopaedia of Smart Technologies in an innovative visual format shows how hi-tech works in real world.
– Represents every smart city solution, independent of brand or country of origin, in unique graphics and animations.
– Serves information on six intellectual levels to serve an audience of age between 10 – 99+ years.


– Presents a News and Press about Smart Technologies, Green Economics and their usability.
– Automated integration and vertical scalability to any social media network channels.
– Promotion and Communication gateway of the brand and business platforms.
– Releases daily news about education, technologies, and gadgets for smart city economics.


– Represents project details, plans, roadmaps and overall strategy.
– Serves project development inside information, analysis, cooperation details and blogs.
– Investor’s profile represent the Smart City project progress and financial information.