Hydrogen-Powered Trains Began to Run in Germany

Hydrogen-Powered Trains, Coralia iLint, Lower Saxony, Alstom

In Lower Saxony, from September, two hydrogen-powered trains run in commercial traffic. Their electric motors, which propel the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, are a more environmentally-friendly variant of conventional diesel engines. They do not produce carbon dioxide emissions. Trains run…

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Germany: Delivery of Electromobiles Lasts Almost a Year

electric car, Germany, Automobilwoche

The Germans, who decide to purchase an electric car, have to prepare for long delivery times. In Germany is impending the prohibition to drive diesel cars to some places. According to the Sunday edition of Automobilwoche, clients have to wait a few…

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Vertical Aerospace: the First Test of a Prototype Flying Taxi in the UK

Vertical Aerospace, Flying taxi

The British launch Vertical Aerospace wants to be distinguished from other taxi companies. Their electric “car” should therefore carry passengers not only after one city but also for longer distances. And they say they can handle it more efficiently than the plane.…

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Kalashnikov Develops an Electric Retro Car

Kalashnikov Electric Retro Car

The Russian Kalashnikov Armory, a world-renowned assault rifle around the world, is developing technology for its own electric retro car. In the future, it should become a competitor of the American Tesla, which specializes in the production of electric cars. Referring to…

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Uber Skyport: From Where Will the Flying Taxi Take Off?

Uber, Flying Taxi, Skyport, Drones

Unmanned machines that will splash through the streets of a big city like in science fiction films are already approaching. But where will they take off? Taxi Service Uber is working intensively on the development of future traffic. Uber wants to become…

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