Making the World’s Lightest Mechanical Watches

RM 50-03, Lightest Mechanical Watches, Graphene, McLaren

In January 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland, they introduced the world’s lightest mechanical watches, presenting an innovative composite development using graphene. Now research has been published to show the background of the project. Unique precision watches were the result of collaboration between the…

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The DelFly: an Insect Robot with Wings

Delfly Nimble Robot, Insect Robot, Delft

The insect robot DelFly, developed at Delft University of Technology, decorated the home page of the prestigious scientific journal Science. Although it does not have propellers, it can drones in a fast and accurate way, thanks to plastic wings. The complex vibration…

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Maxwell’s Daemon: Future of Quantum Computers?

Maxwell's Daemon, Quantum Computers. atoms, thermodynamics

Reduced entropy in the three-dimensional grid of super-cooled, laser-captured atoms can help accelerate progress towards quantum computing. The team of Penn State researchers can reorganize the structure of randomly distributed atoms into neatly arranged blocks. This is performing the “Maxwell’s Daemon” function…

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ICO: Basic Facts and Regulatory Issues

regulatory, ICO, cryptocurrency

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) give unexampled liquidity and potency for capital formation whereas minimizing dealing price. Whereas ICOs have traditionally allowed primarily crypto start-ups, monetary technology start-ups, and also the crypto community to boost funds, in 2018, inheritance businesses with established businesses…

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Blockchain Is the Future

Bitcoin cryptocurrencies future blockchain

Cryptocurrencies of all kinds create use of distributed ledger technology referred to as blockchain. Blockchains act as decentralised systems for recording and documenting transactions that turn up involving a specific digital currency. Put simply, blockchain may be a dealing ledger that maintains…

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AI in Energetics: Is There a Risk of Blackout Due to a Conflict of Interests?

AI conflict of interests energetics

AI technology has just recently been on the pages of newspapers just in connection with the victory of the Deep Blue computer over the world’s chess champion Garri Kasparov. Now AI penetrate all sectors including energy. However, their operation is energy intensive…

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