London’s Growing Underground Farm: Vegetables Without Soil and Sun

Growing Underground Farm, Vegetables

To grow agricultural products, mostly sun and good soil are enough. London’s Growing Underground Farm does not need one. In the former anatomical cover, they grow foliage and various herbs using a hydroponic system and LED illumination. “The climate is changing and…

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Smart Infrastructure: The Central Brain for (Smart) Cities

Smart infrastructure, digitization, MindSphere, Smart City

How fully digital and integrated smart infrastructure will affect our lives? Digitization is a breakthrough technology across all sectors. From the point of view of the estimated economic benefit, smart cities rank second in the clever factories that lead this imaginary ranking. The…

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China Wants to Invest in Hyperloop

There are millions of passenger cars driving through the streets of the largest cities in China. This, on the one hand, damages the environment and, on the other hand, causes huge traffic jams. The government is building new communications, but cars are…

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“You Are Criminals.” the Face Recognition of Politicians Failed

Face Detection Software misspelled the faces of 28 congressmen as coincidental with the criminals. The experiment should point to the unpreparedness of this technology for police purposes. The software developer, however, argues that it was wrongly set up. Face recognition is a…

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Will Drones Recognize the Violence in the Crowd?

Scientists from the English University of Cambridge have managed to find an artificial intelligence solution that can detect violence or violent behaviors among humans. For demonstrations, for example, it could be an effective protection element. The advantage is that the system can…

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Blockchain Can Transform the World of Logistics

In an infinite flood of information about the steadily rising cost of bitcoin, the news that the blockchain technology on which this cryptocurrency is built is currently being tested and used by more and more companies outside of finance. Worldwide chains, manufacturers,…

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