Nature Protectors: After 2050, Koalas Will Not Be Seen – SMART CITY

Koalas, Nature, WWF

SYDNEY – Expanding agricultural land could cause the koalas to be extinct by 2050 in the state of New South Wales. The local nature conservationists ecpressed such concern in September, the DPA quoted from the report. Scientists have used satellite imagery to…

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What E-government Really Is?

What E-government really is

Electronic government is defined as government functions performed through electronic communications on all levels of governance, citizens, and business community. In other words e-Government is the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to government activities and procedures with the aim of promoting transparency,…

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What Is the Smart Waste Management System?

What Is the Smart Waste Management System

What is the smart waste management system? The smart waste management system is efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Information technology companies(IT) have offered many advanced solutions through the smart system and waste management platforms. Smart technology is handing out solutions and innovations…

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