Computer Science: the Principles Behind the Technologies

Computer science education school

The smart education of computer science at elementary schools will undergo a radical change. According to the proposal for a new Framework Education Program, pupils will be less taught to work with office software and much more will be devoted to so-called…

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France Has Forbidden Mobiles, Tablets and Smart Watches in Schools

From September, French pupils and students have a choice on their way to school. Either leave their mobiles, smartphones, tablets or smart watches at home or turn them off. Secondary schools may also apply the complete ban or only partially. MEPs agreed…

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What Are the Steps of Creating Smart University?

What Are the Steps of Creating Smart University

A smart university is one that allows for flexibility in relation to physical arrangement and learning environment. In essence, a smart university is one that embraces technology in addition to other traditional learning tools to offer its students a serene environment for…

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