The Future of Retail: End of Brick-And-Mortar Stores?

Retail, Experience economy, Brick-and-mortar stores

Exponential technology (AI, VR, BlockChain, 3D print and the Internet of Things) radically changes the face of retail sales. E-commerce giants (Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba) digitize the entire retail sector and take on a wave of technological opportunities. Many stores with classic branches…

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Copyright in Eyes of European Parliament

Brussels has taken another step in its campaign against large digital companies. After GDPR and suggestions for more taxation on Google and Facebook, we now have a greater protection for the copyright content they provide. According to the European Commission, digital corporations…

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The Major Benefits of the Cryptocurrencies from a Transaction Point of View

The cryptocurrencies fundamentally changed the financial market and became a revolution that was not yet there. Although many people draw attention to their disadvantages and risks, today we will introduce key benefits of cryptocurrencies from a transaction point of view. Transactions without…

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