Shares of US electric vehicle maker Tesla in September went down sharply, as investors worried about the resignation report of chief accountant Dave Morton. In addition, the resignation report came after the founder and CEO of Elon Musk smoked briefly a mixture of alleged marijuana on the Internet program.

Tesla’s shares lost about nine percent after the start of Smptember’s trading on the stock exchange. Morton chose to resign only a month after taking office. According to the company, he did so, among other things, because of the great interest of the public that Tesla is attracted to.

Some analysts, according to Reuters, have repeatedly called for a change in the company’s management structure. “We are calling for the appointment of a co-chief or chief operating officer,” said analyst James Albertine of Consumer Edge. “Many people ask whether Elon is still the best CEO for Tesla,” said Frank Schwope, analyst at NORD / LB.

Musk on Thursday’s comedy with comedian Joe Rogan “drew” from the joint. That, according to Rogan, contained a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. The show’s place was in California. There is the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is legal since the beginning of January, the BBC reported.



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