The First Hotel in the World with Robotic Staff

robotic dtaff, Henn-na

Tokyo hotel Henn-na has become the first hotel in the world with robotic staff to record in the Guinness Book of Records.

Japan is the world leader in robotics and therefore it is not surprising that this news has just come from here. Part of the hotel name, “Henn” in Japanese means “change”. And the hotel does not opt ​​to change from regular hotels. In addition to the dinosaur robots at the reception, each room is equipped with small robots. They act as helpers and do everything from switching channels to playing music.

In the “Concept” section, you can find the following sentences: “For efficiency gains, most of the staff are robots. Enjoy conversation with these friendly and friendly robots while performing their work effectively.”

As the hotel looks good, it captures the following video.

Hotel price and reservations

If you look at a hotel page on where you can find the rated guests, the robotic experience praises, especially the reception with robotic dinosaurs. The hotel is relatively close to Disneyland, and as the guests say if you are going to visit just that, this hotel is a perfect addition to the experience. The price of accommodation depends, of course, on many factors, but not even the cheapest room of the hotel is less than 200 EUR per night.


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