The Japanese space agency JAXA successfully placed a pair of robots on the asteroid to examine its surface. Twitter has now boasted photos and a short video. The objective of the mission is to better understand the process of Earth formation.

Duo of robots, which is just flying on an asteroid, 290 million kilometers, writes history. Robots, after the first images taken from the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, have also sent a short video – a sequence of fifteen photographs. They capture the sun’s rays as reflected from the stone surface.

The so-called the rover was given to the asteroid by the Hajabusa 2 probe, which was sent to the cosmos by the Japanese space agency JAXA. This happened after the probe approached the body at a distance of about 50 meters. Unlike the rolling rovers on Mars, they do not have wheels. They move through primitive jumps within 15 meters. Due to the weak gravity of the asteroid, it takes a few minutes. The energy draws from the sun and weighs about one kilogram.

Thanks to the rover we have the most detailed images of a similar object. This is not the primary goal. JAXA hopes that samples, photos, and 900m asteroid measurements will help us better understand the process of shaping our solar system and the Earth. The age of the Ryugu asteroid is estimated to be four billion years old, and it could have reported water traces.

The probe sticks to the asteroid and contains one more container with another robot. He could look at the surface during the next year. Early in the spring, the Japanese plan to shoot a asteroid from the probe and take samples under the surface. The probe should return to Earth in 2020.


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